• AD9129 - Highest RF output frequency spectrum supported

    What is the highest RF output frequency spectrum supported by the AD9129 and
    AD9119 family?


    Utilizing the Mix-Mode function, the AD9129 and AD9119 RF DACs can synthesize
    an RF output spectrum of up to 4.2 GHz.
  • ad9119/9129 clocking below 1.4GHz (e.g. 900MHz) - what happens?

    Want to run our AD9119 below its minimum stated sampling frequency of 1.4GHz (at roughly 900MHz) - because the FPGA interfacing with it cannot support the necessary interface frequency.  Is this possible?  Will the AD9119 still run, albeit with degraded…

  • Where can I find the BOM, schematics and gerbers for AD9119-MIX-EBZ?

    Where can I find the BOM, schematics and gerbers for AD9119-MIX-EBZ?


    The layout and the BOM and Gerber files for AD9119-MIX-EBZ are the same as the
    AD9129-MIX-EBZ. It is the same board except we load the AD9119 instead of
    AD9129. Your…
  • RE: AD9119/9129 and I/Q

    No, the AD9119/AD9129 requires real data.

  • I250U in AD9119


    I'd like to ask you about I250U in AD9119.

    In Figure1 for datasheet, I250U connected 1.2V.
    What does it mean?

    Pls check Figure1 and Figure149.
    They have some differences around I250U, VREF and the comparator.
    Which is correct?


  • AD9119/AD9129 Availability


    When will be the AD9119/AD9129 and the associated eval board available ?



  • 关于AD9119评估板


  • RE: AD9119/AD9129 simulation with ADIsimRF

    There is no ADIsimRF model for the AD9119/AD9129. The noise spectral density is given in the data sheet, as is the output compliance range and the full scale current.

  • AD9119 and the Xillinx ML605

    I am interested in using the AD9119 with a Xilinx Virtex 7.

    I want  to generate waveforms using the Xilinx.

    I found the following set up on your WIKI site where the AD9129 works with a

    Xilinx ML605 board :