• RE: AD9106 SRAM read/write

    Assumed answered offline.

  • AD9106 generating continuous SRAM waveforms

    Trying to interpret the register set of AD9106, some questions;

    I'm attempting to get channels1-3 outputting continuous waveforms (i.e. repeating pattern with no null period between cycles). The waves are defined by samples in AD9106 SRAM. Each has…

  • RE: AD9106 Outputs paralleling

    Thank-you Shine,

    very good suggestions I shall test.



  • AD9106 output frequency

    We use four output channels of ad9106, each channel contains 1000 points. How to set the frequency of the output waveform?

    For example, if we want to output a square wave, how to set the frequency of the square wave?

  • RE: ad9106: DAC output

    Hello Shine,

    due to unavailability of product, we are planning to use SE osc (ASFLMB-150.000MHZ-LY-T).

    this osc will be directly connected to clkp / AD9106 without CMOS driver.

    we are expecting maximum DAC Frequency to be 40Mhz.

    can you pls confirm that…

  • RE: AD9106 Sawtooth frequency range as function of CLK

    I know I am re-opening this thread after a long time passed, but I needed clarification about AD9106 and I share the result.

    It is clear that the SAW generator internally has 2^14 steps, so frequency is actually 1/4 of what is expected by simply dividing…

  • RE: AD9106 SPI communication issue.

    Hello Rubina,

    Even if we write values to the read only bits, it shouldn't be a problem.

    What do you mean by not smooth sinewave? Have you also tried measuring SFDR? You may opt to design an output filter stage to improve the smoothness of the sinewave…

  • EVAL-AD9106 External Trigger

    I am using the EVAL-AD9106 with the  EVAL-SDP-CK1Z controller. How can I send an external trigger from another device (FPGA or function generator) to the Pin "TRIGGER_N" of the AD9106 to trigger the generation of the waveforms previously stored? 

  • RE: AD9106:How to output the waves that saved in the SRAM of AD9106?

    Hello Owen!

    have you tried to Trigger pin set Low?


  • AD9102/AD9106 DDS Programming Questions

    I have selected the AD9106 for inclusion into a piece of commercial test equipment I’ve designed.  I have the Eval board (AD9102-ARDZ & the EVAL-SDP matching processor) and have been working with them. I have it doing most of what I desire.  However…