• AD9106 Outputs paralleling

    Hi all,

    is there any drawback in connecting two of the AD9106 outputs in parallel? The idea is to use different full-scale values so to use one for a raw setting and the other for a fine tuning.

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  • AD9106:How to output the waves that saved in the SRAM of AD9106?


           I'm using STM32 to control AD9106 to generate the wave that saved in the SRAM. I have succeeded in writing data to SRAM, but I failed to output the data. Which registers should I configure? Besides, does the sequence of the registers influence…

  • RE: AD9106 generating continuous SRAM waveforms

    Hi Glenn,

    It would be better to get an evaluation board to play with the part.

    About your questions:

    1. PATTERN_RPT bit should be set to 0 for continuous pattern generation. PATTERN_PERIOD should be equal to the number of SRAM addresses being read from, assuming…
  • AD9106 output frequency

    We use four output channels of ad9106, each channel contains 1000 points. How to set the frequency of the output waveform?

    For example, if we want to output a square wave, how to set the frequency of the square wave?

  • ad9106: DAC output


    1. Can this chip generate a DC constant voltage (at stepping up level) and then raising the frequency to 1Khz, 10Khz, 100khz and so on.
    2. if DAC is generating DC constant then can I use this opamp ADA4817 to get the FS ouput =3.3v?

    3. is there…

  • EVAL-AD9106 External Trigger

    I am using the EVAL-AD9106 with the  EVAL-SDP-CK1Z controller. How can I send an external trigger from another device (FPGA or function generator) to the Pin "TRIGGER_N" of the AD9106 to trigger the generation of the waveforms previously stored? 

  • AD9106 minimum full-scale value or maximum allowed Rset value

    Hi all,

    the datasheet states a minimum output full-scale of 2mA using an 8k resistor and there is a post about it, but it does not solve my problem.

    I mean, which is the minimum full-scale value that can be used with AD9106? In other words, which is the…

  • AD9106

    I would like to use the AD9106 to produce multiple 1-20kHz sine waveforms with particular phase shifts from each other, then integrate the AD9106 (along with amplifiers) into test bench hardware.

    What is the minimum clock I would need to provide the AD9106…

  • AD9106


  • Ad9106

    Dear Support,

    1. We use AD9106 with its own 4-wire SPI bus. May we connect the pin 8 (CS) with DGND?

    2. We use AD9106 in the continuous mode only. May we connect the pin 32 (TRIGGER) with DGND?

    3. Is it possible to control of AD9106, if CS is connected…