• RE: AD9106 time drift.

    Assumed answered offline. Please let us know the resolution or if you have further questions or information for us.

  • AD9106:How to output the waves that saved in the SRAM of AD9106?


           I'm using STM32 to control AD9106 to generate the wave that saved in the SRAM. I have succeeded in writing data to SRAM, but I failed to output the data. Which registers should I configure? Besides, does the sequence of the registers influence…

  • AD9106 OUT

    Dear Forum

    Could be possible connect at IOUTP  only 1 resistor to ground, so  reading the voltage generated? The connection to the load is

    very short, and the input impedence is Hight to the freq i need to use.

    Can i use also IOUTN ?



  • RE: AD9106 SRAM read/write

    Assumed answered offline.

  • RE: AD9106 / AD9102 - Dout

    Hello Shine,

    Have you got any news about this sample code ?

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  • RE: AD9106 Errata


    Apologies for the delayed response. Kindly refer to A14 from  AD9106/02 FAQs.



  • AD9106

    I would like to use the AD9106 to produce multiple 1-20kHz sine waveforms with particular phase shifts from each other, then integrate the AD9106 (along with amplifiers) into test bench hardware.

    What is the minimum clock I would need to provide the AD9106…

  • AD9106


  • Ad9106

    Dear Support,

    1. We use AD9106 with its own 4-wire SPI bus. May we connect the pin 8 (CS) with DGND?

    2. We use AD9106 in the continuous mode only. May we connect the pin 32 (TRIGGER) with DGND?

    3. Is it possible to control of AD9106, if CS is connected…

  • AD9106

    Hi, ShineC,

    Thank you very much for your fast and kind response.

    We try to control AD9106 by Texas Instruments LaunchPadF28379D 4-wires SPI bus. And your response caused some additional questions, which, I hope, you will consider with the same attention…