• RE: about EVAL-AD9102


    The symbol used in the schematic is for the AX3 family, but you're right, the part number should be AX3DAF1-156.2500.
    We'll update the documentation accordingly.


  • RE: AD9106 / AD9102 - Dout

    Hello Shine,

    Have you got any news about this sample code ?

    Best regards,


  • AD9102 PROBLEM

    Hi everyone,

    Can someone share the register configuration of triangle wave output for AD9102 with me?

    I used the same sequence which is written in AD9102 EVB software(Example 4) however I can not get the output. But I can get sinusoidal output by using…

  • RE: AD9102 Evaluation Kit - Cannot produce Gaussian Waveform

    Hi Shine,

    I followed your suggestions and now I was able to generate output from the DAC. The register values that I am getting is still different from ADGT but I was able to generate waveforms from DAC. I have some more issues that I believe…

  • AD9102

    Do you have any tutorials for the AD9102?

  • AD9102 Dynamic Range


    Can you please confirm the dynamic range possible with the AD9102.  My understanding is:

    1. DDS output (for sinewave generation) uses the full 14bits available in the DAC

    2. The SRAM (for arbitary waveforms) uses only 12bits of the DAC - the upper…

  • AD9102 FPGA communication


    I am trying to use FPGA to generate digital waveform and send it to AD9102 via SPI.

    I have a AD9102 evaluation board right now. I removed XJP 1,3,4,5 to disconnect the SPI communications between microcontroller and AD 9102 and changed the trigger…

  • AD9102 Output Harmonics


    It's possible to achieve such output harmonics level as shown in datasheet (https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/ad9102.pdf p.12, figure 9) without any output filter circuit? Or do I need to add some output filter…

  • About AD9102 phase


    I would like to use AD9102.

    So, I have two questions.

    #1  Is it possible to shift the phase of the waveform written to SRAM or to invert it?

          Is it possible by adjusting the register of DDS_PHASE?

    #2  If it is possible to shift the phase, is…