• Ask questions about HMCAD1511 and AD9094


    1. When HMCAD1511 used as single channel mode, its maximum sample rate can be up to 1Gsps. If paralleling two HMCAD1511 together, is it possible to achieve 2Gsps? If possible, would you please promote a reference circuit?

    2. For AD9094, there are…

  • RE: About Ad9094 on ad-fmclidar1-ebz

    Can I ask you how you testing this? What hardware are you using, which software version (branch name)?

    Where did you connect those ILA probes exactly? You are seeing the same behavior in IIO Oscilloscope too?

  • ad-fmclidar1-ebz

    Hi! I encountered some problems when using the ad-fmclidar1-ebz evaluation kit. When configuring the 0x0550 register of ad9094 to work in test mode and output ramp or 1/0 word toggle signals, the signals received by FPGA are correct. But when ad9094 is…

  • RE: IIO Oscilloscope without LIDAR plugin

    I'm sorry!Last  result is wrong! (without AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ!)

    The right result is:








  • Why use 16 pixels APD in AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ?


         There are only four channels available in ADC AD9094.  I am wondering why choosing 16 pixels APD instead of 4 pixels. Is there any advantages for using 16 pixels?


    Best Regards


  • pyadi-iio support for ADRV9002


    I'm trying to access a ADRV9002 board through pyadi-iio library and libiio with the current (and hopefully newest) versions:

    >>> iio.version
    (0, 21, 'b23a03b')
    >>> adi.__version__

    But I get this error when…

  • RE: Cannot get data from AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ with zcu102

    Dear Cristian,

    First of all, many thanks for all your kind support. 

    Let me update you with our findings:

    We have tested our first setup the AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ with a different zcu102 (rev1.1) and the problem persisted. 

    After receiving the new DAQ board…

  • RE: Custom device tree in yocto and built with petalinux

    Ok – using a 1GHz ADC clock will result in 10Gbps lane rate for L=2.

    The AD9694 is a 500MHz 14-bit ADC, however using it out of spec in 8-bit (NP=8) mode clocking it 1GHz may work.

    However, I think there is a different generic for almost the same…