• ad9094 testing digital interface using pn-short and ramp modes

    We have built a capture board similar to the LIDAR EVM, using an AD9094 connected to a Xilinx zynqmp FPGA SOC.

    Got everything setup and working it seems, I can view the data using the IIO osciloscope for example.

    To thoroughly test the digital interface…

  • Powering DRVDD2 and SPIVDD from same power supply - AD9094

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question regarding the power requirement for the AD9094 high-speed ADC. In the power supply recommendations (page 66 of the datasheet) it is stated that the SPIVDD and DRVDD2 power supply are separated. However I was wondering…

  • ADA4950 single-ended input with DC-offset to differential output AD9094

    Dear support,

    I have some difficulties understanding the implementation of the ADA4950 in a single-ended to differential setup when the single-ended input has a DC-offset. 

    I have a single ended input signal (relatively low frequency) which can be anything…

  • Ask questions about HMCAD1511 and AD9094


    1. When HMCAD1511 used as single channel mode, its maximum sample rate can be up to 1Gsps. If paralleling two HMCAD1511 together, is it possible to achieve 2Gsps? If possible, would you please promote a reference circuit?

    2. For AD9094, there are…

  • RE: About Ad9094 on ad-fmclidar1-ebz

    Can I ask you how you testing this? What hardware are you using, which software version (branch name)?

    Where did you connect those ILA probes exactly? You are seeing the same behavior in IIO Oscilloscope too?

  • ad-fmclidar1-ebz

    Hi! I encountered some problems when using the ad-fmclidar1-ebz evaluation kit. When configuring the 0x0550 register of ad9094 to work in test mode and output ramp or 1/0 word toggle signals, the signals received by FPGA are correct. But when ad9094 is…

  • RE: IIO Oscilloscope without LIDAR plugin

    I'm sorry!Last  result is wrong! (without AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ!)

    The right result is:








  • Why use 16 pixels APD in AD-FMCLIDAR1-EBZ?


         There are only four channels available in ADC AD9094.  I am wondering why choosing 16 pixels APD instead of 4 pixels. Is there any advantages for using 16 pixels?


    Best Regards