• Question about exact part number of AD9082 on AD9082-FMCA-EBZ


    My customer will purchase the AD9082-FMCA-EBZ , but before then, they want to know the exact PN of AD9082 device.

    As you know, there are 4 types of AD9082 devices are existed like below.

            1. A D9082BBPZ-4D2AC : Tray , 4D2A

            2.  AD9082BBPZRL…

  • AD9082: CHIP GRADE


    I have a question about the CHIP GRADE of AD9082 from our customer.
    Our customer purchased a number of AD9082.
    He said that some AD9082 indicate 0x22 and another is 0x23.
    According to page-231 of UG-1578, 0x23 indicates AD9082, AD9986, AD9207.

  • AD9081/AD9082 Project


    I would like to set up something to perform digital beamforming. 

    Initially I would like to use an AD9081/AD9082 paired with an FPGA (ZCU102). 

    I would simply like to digitise 4 channels using the AD9081/9082. If I feed the AD9081 with a signal generator…

  • RE: AD9082 Configuration using AD API

    I ran the tool, but unfortunately it does not support the wideband data mode that we are using.  We got a UC configuration added by ADI so I assume we have the part configured correctly now.  Latest roadblock is that we don't know how the transport layer…

  • AD9082 washing/cleaning


    After population, can the AD9082 be washed to remove flux residue? 

    Can an aqueous wash be used, with a saponifier?

    Can a solvent wash be used?


  • AD9082 Output Level?


    I have a question about AD9082.
    I am testing with the settings below.
    TX/RX data rate : 983.04MSPS
    Data bandwidth : 800MHz
    IF freq. : 5GHz

    output Result

    How can I increase the output level?

    Thank you.

  • RE: ZCU102+AD9082 Configuration Issue - Unexpected Output Waveform

    There are no stable branches of AD9082 right now. master is never assumed to be stable. The tools just changes 2 weeks ago but we are still working through the projects slowly.

    I would recommend going back a few commits before the tools changed or wait…

  • AD9082 NCO Synchronization

    I am using AD9082 + zcu102 with the ADI Linux. I am transmitting at DAC0 and receiving from ADC0.  I couldn't get a good waveform at Rx with modulated data because the Tx NCO and Rx NCO are not synced. The synchronization seems not to be an option in the…

  • JESD204C DAC transport layer for ad9082/ad9081.

    I'm interfacing the ad9082 eval board with the zcu102 carrier. I am developing firmware using the Xilinx JESD204C cores. I have integrated the RX JESD204C core in ZCU120 and used a transport layer generated by JESD204 Transport Layer Generator v1.…

  • Unable to ping Ethernet IP address AD9081/AD9082 Virtex UltraScale+ VCU118

    Hello, I am trying to program UltraScale+ VCU118 Evaluation Kit with AD9081/1d9082 .

    I downloaded the prebuilt image and bit file from the link below and programmed the VCU118 board with.