• AD9082 JESD204C FEC support


    Does the AD9082 support JESD204C FEC?

    Also, does Analog have any data on the expected BER rate of the SERDES links, for example a measurement from the EVM?


  • AD9082 JESD204C link fails when changing decimation ratio at runtime


    I am using the AD9082 in dual link mode. I would like to change the decimation ratio of the FDDC on the fly, without changing the JESD204C data rate. The AD9082 supports this for power of two decimation ratios, as it can repeat samples using the upsampler…

  • AD9082 washing/cleaning


    After population, can the AD9082 be washed to remove flux residue? 

    Can an aqueous wash be used, with a saponifier?

    Can a solvent wash be used?


  • Question about exact part number of AD9082 on AD9082-FMCA-EBZ


    My customer will purchase the AD9082-FMCA-EBZ , but before then, they want to know the exact PN of AD9082 device.

    As you know, there are 4 types of AD9082 devices are existed like below.

            1. A D9082BBPZ-4D2AC : Tray , 4D2A

            2.  AD9082BBPZRL…

  • AD9081/AD9082 Project


    I would like to set up something to perform digital beamforming. 

    Initially I would like to use an AD9081/AD9082 paired with an FPGA (ZCU102). 

    I would simply like to digitise 4 channels using the AD9081/9082. If I feed the AD9081 with a signal generator…

  • programming ad9082 with xilinx vivado


    We are using ad9082 on ADS9 PLATFORM and need to configure and add modules to the ads9. How can we do this? Is this possible with xilinx vivado?



  • AD9082 about ADC CLOCK GENERATION Control


    I have a question about AD9082.


    1. Is it possible to set all SUB-ADC 1,2,3,4 ADC CLOCK the same?

    2. If possible, how do you set it up? (API or REG)

    ---- TEST AD9082 SETTING-------

  • EVAL-AD9082-FCMA vs -FCMB


    UG1578 of EVAL-AD9082 mentions FCMA and few times FCMB. 

    Like Fig 36 pg. 38.

    What is the difference(s) of FCMB to FCMA?

  • RE: Programming and configuring AD9082 with ADS9-V2EBZ

    Hi UmeshJ

    Thanks for the references. However, i followed the same steps as the ones provided in the second link to configure AD9082 with ADS9-V2EBZ and i am getting

    " Transaction Errors:

    Error applying values: Can't stop eRPC server.

    Error: Connection…

  • Adding new modules to AD9082.


    I have AD9082 with ADS9-V2EBZ and planning to add some modules in the system. I am new to using ADI, and have problem understanding the process. I need to add some modules to the FPGA to compute some algorithm. I will be grateful if you can provide…