• AD9081 Reference Design with the ad9081-fmca and Vivado 2018.3.1

    For the AD9081 Reference Design with the ad9081-fmca and the ZCU102 board I get critical warnings when building the IP. I am using Vivado version 2018.3 and the warnings are with respect to 2019. What commit hash or version should I use of the repository…

  • RE: Building no-os software for ad9081 fails

    Hi HP.Jin,

    There are 2 issues:

     - You need tinyiiod submodules: Either download noos with: 

    git clone --recursive https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/no-OS

    Or just clone https://github.com/analogdevicesinc/libtinyiiod to noos/libraries/iio/libtinyiiod

    - The…
  • AD9081

    Does anyone have a completed set of build files for the FPGA, The Linux Driver, and the iio oscilloscope user application, with instructions to load onto a SD card for the ZCU102 Xilinx Platform and the adi-9081-fmca-ebz board?

  • AD9081 VCU118 HDL Testbench


    Does ADI have any kind of Vivado testbench that can be used to simulate and verify the generated HDL design for the AD9081 using a VCU118?



  • Reference design for AD9081 EVB

    Is there a reference design available for the AD9081-FMCA-EBZ and ADS9-V2EBZ?

  • AD9081 EVB and ADS9-V2EBZ


    I already purchased the ADS7-V2EBZ.

    1. Dose the ADS7-V2EBZ works with the AD9081 EVB? or AD9081 EVB is only works with the ADS9-V2EBZ?

    thank you,

  • AD9081 Reference Design for ZCU102 and PN9 Monitor

    I am using most of the reference design for the AD9081/ZCU102 setup. The ad_ip_jesd204_tpl_adc_core contains a PN monitor block for PN9 and PN23.

    If I set the AD9081 up to send PN9 data on a channel by channel basis the test fails when I look at the PN…

  • AD9081-FMCA-EBZ and ADS9-V2EBZ

    Where can I find the FPGA reference design for AD9081/ADS9?

    Where can I download the AD9081 evaluation software?


  • Matlab model for MxFE (AD9081/AD9082)

    I'm very interested in using the new AD9081/2 MxFE Matlab model. 

    I've installed the MxFE mtlbx file from here:


    And I see that 2019b is supported.  Does "supported" mean "required…

  • AD9081-FMCA-EBZ and ADS9-V2EBZ

    I am trying to use the default HMC7044 clock as suggested in the User Guide. So, an external clock source is not required in the set up.

    The ACE software is able to recognize “AD9081-FMCA-EBZ-A2, Version 1.2020.21500”.

    However, as soon as…