• RE: "High-Speed" ADC used for single-pulse conversion


    Unfortunately the AD9070 is obsolete.  But I'm not sure I follow your inquiry as the AD9070 had a 3 clock cycle latency between sampling the analog input and providing the  output data for that sample (see figure 1 page 3).  It sounds like you…

  • ECL


    Quite a time ago I evaluated the AD9070. Great converter! The outputs are ECL. When I look at the list of products now, it looks like ADI is moving away from using ECL (besides the Encode signal). My question is: why isn't ECL used anymore for the…

  • RE: ADC used for single-pulse conversion


    Yes, I commented about this inquiry in the high speed ADC space last week in this thread:  http://ez.analog.com/message/129386#129386

    The AD9070 was a 100Msps ADC, but the customer indicated that conversion rate was not as important as latency…

  • AD9054A single ended drive

    By varying the reference voltage I must be able to digitise to full scale a
    signal whose amplitude varies from 0.7V pk-pk to 1.4V pk-pk. The drive is
    single ended with Ain(-) connected to the internal reference (2.5V). The
    voltage applied…