• AD9042: Output drive of the VREF

    We need to use the reference of the AD9042 to drive an external offset circuit.
    It would simplify the circuit if we can place a potential divider of say 10kR
    10kR to ground before the +ve input of the amplifier. The data sheet states the

  • AD9027:  Do you have the detail circuit of dither generator using OP27 shown in AD9042 datasheet?

    The following figure is from AD9042 datasheet. Do you have the detail circuit
    of OP27?


    The OP27 circuit we used is just as shown below except the resistor values are
    200 Ohms between pin 11 of the AD600 and pin 2 of the OP27.  The feedback

  • Sampling rate of AD9042, AD9254


    As per datasheet:

    AD9042: 41MSPS, 595mW

    AD9254: 150MSPS, 430mW

    If I use these ADCs at a lower sampling rate say 20MSPS (if its possible) will the ADC run at a reduced power? If so, what will be the power consumption in the case of reduced sampling…

  • AD9042S的数字供电为5V,能不能与3.3V的FPGA直接相连?


  • Can I connect digital and analog supply of 3.3V in AD9042?

    Hello AD Experts,

    I am using AD9042 for Digital Control of Power Supply. 

    I am using FPGA as a digital controller which operates on 3.3V only. But here it is mentioned that the AD9042 requires 5V analog and digital power supply. 

    But absolute maximum…

  • AD9042供电求助


  • High Speed ADC with Bipolar Analog Input


       I required an high speed ADC with bipolar analog input ranging from -V to +V. I was considering AD9042 but later on it came to my notice that it does not take in bipolar analog input. So, right now I am considering the following ADC's for the…

  • 大型强子对撞机再次“撞”出重大发现


    今天7月,LHCb 再次宣布发现了首个包含有两个重夸克的双粲重子 粒子,这是由LHCb 实验中国组科学家主导完成的重大研究成果。此次发现的 粒子由两个粲夸克和一个上夸克组成。由于粲夸克质量远大于上夸克…

  • plutosdr : minimal tool chain for c compiling


    I’d like to use my C code with pluto to build a ‘’simple’’ stand alone receiver.

    I read a lot of Q&A and your answer here: https://ez.analog.com/university-program/f/q-a/104394/how-to-implement-c-code-examples…