• Opamp AD8692 stability issue.

    I have an amplifier AD8692 used for voltage sensing with opto coupler for isolation. it is quite unstable in the whole range of input voltage. 

    i have tried to simulate it in ltspice and its quite stable. maybe the model is not so perfectly represented…

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  • RE: ADA4530-1 Die level option

    Hi Mika,

    We currently don't have ADA4530-1 in a die level and I'm  not sure if we will have in the near near future. However, i found these few devices with 1pA typical bias current operational amplifiers in die/chipscale package. We have AD8691…

  • Noise optimizing AD8599 &&

    Good day,

    I have a task to optimize noise in BW 10Hz - 10kHz.

    Voltage gain shall be around 20..50. OA connected directly to source of signal,

    which has impedance 1kOm DC and 50Om AC. OA connected to middle point of R1/R2 divider,

    where R1 connected…

  • RE: AD8618 supply decoupling



      What does TRRS mean??

      What is your highest signal frequency?

      Depending on whether you need to go to DC or not and can AC couple, you could use op amps

    that have millivolts of offset, rather than <100 uV which drives up the price.


  • RE: ADMP441, SSM2529 Speech transmission

    Thank you for a thorough explanation.

    I have looked further at your catalog of op-amps. Since I am designing a portable unit, I examined the following, with 5 V supply:

    AD8605/AD8606/AD8608, AD8691/AD8692/AD8694, AD8655/AD8656, and the ADA4075-2.

  • AD8348 with added baseband gain

    I say you chaps...

    I've added two LNA (MAX2634 - sorry!) and active filters with gain at baseband. It's a tough one to keep stable!

    A SPICE model for the AD8348 would have been nice, to check the bias. I have built it, it does work, -100dBm…

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