• RE: AD8676 Unity Gain Stability

    Hi Norman,

    AD8676 is unity gain stable. You can see the closed loop frequency response in the datasheet Figure 13 (G=1). The simulation you attached is actually G = -1V/V which should be even more stable (equivalent to G = 2V/V).

    The peaking you show…

  • RE: AD8676芯片的差分电压


    differential 中文翻译 是 差动而不是差分;

  • AD8676 output impedance


    I am going to use an AD8676 as a follower due to its very low noise voltage density as low offset voltage.

    The AD8676 is loaded by a AD4932 to convert the previous voltage from single to differential ended signal in order to drive AD7960 ADC.

  • RE: AD8676 popcorn noise

    Hello Jean-Baptiste,

    So sorry that you did not get a resolution on the pop corn noise you've measured. I've been told that for the problem that you're seeing it's best that you reach out to your ADI representative and get them involved with Failure Analysis…

  • AD8676 supply voltage

    Dear Sir,

         Just notice that the datasheet only specifies bipolar supply voltage for AD8676.

         What if we use uni-polar supply for AD8676? Will there be any abnormal  phenomena?

         Or would you kindly suggest some additional circuity for our application…

  • AD8676 Input Resistance

    Is there a specification for the AD8676 input resistance? The data sheet does not have one that I can find.

    The data sheet for AD8675 (single vs. AD8676's dual package) has input capacitance, but no input resistance.

    Thanks for any help.

  • AD8676 Strange behavior

    Why wont pin 1 (the output) of my AD8676 drop below 1.68V with 0V input into a non-inverting amplifer with 3 gain?

    R51 and TP4 are disconnected so the circuit is open, so what you are left with is a non-inverting amplifier, gain 3, with a varying input…

  • AD8676 Voltage phase reversal

    I have a question about AD8676.
    #1, Does AD8676 will occur "phase reversal" when the input voltage exceed input common mode range?
    Some data sheet say "No phase reversal…

  • AD8676 Current limiting resistor


    I have three question about AD8676 Current Limiting resistor.

    #1  Is there Internal protective circuit in AD8676?

          (for example, Protection diode)

    #2  Is the input current limiting resistor necessary?

       (for examnple, IN a case beyond the differential…

  • AD8676 Pspice Noise model

    Hello everyone,

    For a new project I want to use AD8676 as low noise amplifier. The problem is that trying to simulate the circuit with pspice i found an unexpected behavoiur for the spice model. The problem is that even used as a buffer with 0 feedback…