• RE: Spice Opamp model noise

    Hi John,

    Thank you for your question. I have tried AD8676 noise simulation in Multisim and produced the same results as yours. I believe that the AD8676 noise model has an issue and that I will forward this to the group that modeled the AD8676 SPICE…

  • RE: SPICE model for OpAmp Noise

    Hi Kapati,

    Apologies for the delayed response. The AD8676 spice model  is currently being modified. For the meantime,  you may use the AD8675 model instead. AD8676 is a dual of AD8675.



  • AD5791 Reference Buffer Opamps

    The data sheet and reference designs recommend the AD8676 for voltage reference buffers.  I would like to use an opamp that draws less supply current than the 3.4mA max of the AD8676.  The ADA4077-2 looks to have similar performance specs, and draws only…

  • AD8676 Input Resistance

    Is there a specification for the AD8676 input resistance? The data sheet does not have one that I can find.

    The data sheet for AD8675 (single vs. AD8676's dual package) has input capacitance, but no input resistance.

    Thanks for any help.

  • AD8676 Voltage phase reversal

    I have a question about AD8676.
    #1, Does AD8676 will occur "phase reversal" when the input voltage exceed input common mode range?
    Some data sheet say "No phase reversal…

  • AD8676 output impedance


    I am going to use an AD8676 as a follower due to its very low noise voltage density as low offset voltage.

    The AD8676 is loaded by a AD4932 to convert the previous voltage from single to differential ended signal in order to drive AD7960 ADC.

  • RE: AD5791: Bad results for linearity measurement

    Hi Liam,

    I replaced the AD8676 reference buffer and the problem is not there now. Thanks a lot for your assistance.



  • Can I please get s2p  files of AD8367, AD8676 and S3P  file of AD8343

    Can I please get s2p  files of AD8367, AD8676 and S3P  file of AD8343.

    Thanks & Regards,


  • RE: AD8676 :input voltage exceeds the common mode voltage range

    Hi Hiroshi,

    I will test the AD8676 and get back to you once I'm done.



  • RE: strange behaviour of AD8676

    Hi Harryh:

    thank you for reply, do you mean the either the pin2 or pin3 can't starting from 0V? because  in my circuit, the pin3 is grounded and pin2 voltage is from 0 to 5.6V, it not touch the rail of +12V.