• AD8676 output impedance


    I am going to use an AD8676 as a follower due to its very low noise voltage density as low offset voltage.

    The AD8676 is loaded by a AD4932 to convert the previous voltage from single to differential ended signal in order to drive AD7960 ADC.

  • AD8676 popcorn noise


    I have some questions about the AD8675 (or 8676) and its popcorn noise.

    I plan to use an AD8676 (or AD8675) in order to measure [0,1Hz;10Hz] noise of a low noise voltage source. I have chosen this amplifier as, according to the datasheet, it has…

  • AD8676 supply voltage

    Dear Sir,

         Just notice that the datasheet only specifies bipolar supply voltage for AD8676.

         What if we use uni-polar supply for AD8676? Will there be any abnormal  phenomena?

         Or would you kindly suggest some additional circuity for our application…

  • AD8676 Input Resistance

    Is there a specification for the AD8676 input resistance? The data sheet does not have one that I can find.

    The data sheet for AD8675 (single vs. AD8676's dual package) has input capacitance, but no input resistance.

    Thanks for any help.

  • AD8676 Strange behavior

    Why wont pin 1 (the output) of my AD8676 drop below 1.68V with 0V input into a non-inverting amplifer with 3 gain?

    R51 and TP4 are disconnected so the circuit is open, so what you are left with is a non-inverting amplifier, gain 3, with a varying input…

  • AD8676 Unity Gain Stability

    Hi team,

    I have a question about the unity gain stability of AD8676. I am not sure if the AD8676 can be used for unity gain configuration. I am currently using it in a configuration similar to the circuit below. 

    Simulation Result

    For AC Sweep settings…

  • AD8676 Voltage phase reversal

    I have a question about AD8676.
    #1, Does AD8676 will occur "phase reversal" when the input voltage exceed input common mode range?
    Some data sheet say "No phase reversal…

  • AD8676 Current limiting resistor


    I have three question about AD8676 Current Limiting resistor.

    #1  Is there Internal protective circuit in AD8676?

          (for example, Protection diode)

    #2  Is the input current limiting resistor necessary?

       (for examnple, IN a case beyond the differential…

  • AD8676 Pspice Noise model

    Hello everyone,

    For a new project I want to use AD8676 as low noise amplifier. The problem is that trying to simulate the circuit with pspice i found an unexpected behavoiur for the spice model. The problem is that even used as a buffer with 0 feedback…

  • strange behaviour of AD8676


    Recently when I did my design using AD8676 as below circuit, when the pin2 of U37 start to rise, the pin1 of U37 went to around to 10V instead of ground, may I know why it behaviour let that?