• RE: AD8675 and AD8597/99 Input impedance?

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  • AD8676 popcorn noise


    I have some questions about the AD8675 (or 8676) and its popcorn noise.

    I plan to use an AD8676 (or AD8675) in order to measure [0,1Hz;10Hz] noise of a low noise voltage source. I have chosen this amplifier as, according to the datasheet, it has…

  • About the current boost amplifier using LT1010 (AN18)

    Hi, I am designing a high current driver after a precision DAC (AD5781). I found the circuit from AN18: Power Gain Stages for Monolithic Amplifiers. In Figure 02, It uses a current boost design of NPN + PNP after a high current buffer LT1010, which is…

  • Choices of amplifiers for AD5781/91

    I found that in CN0200 and CN0191, AD8676B and AD8675 are used for both force and sense pins and the output buffer of AD5781/AD5791. The specification of AD8676 is superior, though, the slew rate is limited. We are considering replacing the amplifier…

  • 基准源ADR4550B的带负载问题

    请问用一路ADR4550B(Isc=10mA)分别产生+5V和-5V的基准电压,该两个基准电压后接AD8675的单位增益放大器。产生的VREFPS、VREFPF、VREFNS、VREFNF能否作为16路DAC AD5791的共同基准输入端。   LTSpice无ADR4550的模型,用ADR4525代替仿真。

  • RE: Composite amplifier using ADA4637-1 and ADA4870-1

    2. Is the front-end amp in a de-compensate state? i.e., the minimal gain of front-end amp should be at least 5 or more. Do I need a small capacitor between Vout of ADA4637 and the inverting pin?

    3. I would like to use AD8675 as the front-end op-amp, where…

  • AD8685 input voltage offset problem

    Hello to everyone,

    I am using the AD8675 operational for a project simulating on Tina software.

    I noticed that the measured input voltage offset (115uV) is different to that indicated on the datasheet (Typ=10uV, Max=75uV). The simulation temperature is…

  • RE: AD5791: Output clamps at 3.3V


    Can you check/probe on the DAC output itself if it is able to reach reach 5V, it should be. I think that the problem is with the setup of the buffer amplifier. If you'll look at the ds of AD8675, the input voltage range spec is 3V max for +/-5V input…

  • AD5791 Noise?

    When operating the AD5791 in the Gain of Two Configuration see Page 26
    Datasheet, rev. C) when
    VREFP = 10V
    VREFN = 0V
    AD8676 and AD8675
    the measure noise is about 30 nV/Hz^0.5 at 1 kHz at Midscale (0V Out).
    This is much more than the specified…

  • RE: 参考设计丨满足高精度应用的可编程20位、线性、精密、双极性±5 V直流电压源!


    AD5791采用电压输出、分段R-2R DAC架构,本身即具有出色的满量程和零电平误差,INL和DNL的最大值均为1 LSB。输出无缓冲,具有3.4 kΩ的恒定电阻,在大多数应用中需要额外的信号调理,从而很好地保持AD5791的直流精度和噪声规格。

    AD8675 是一款合适的放大器,其典型失调为10 μV,最大漂移为0.6μV/°C,最大偏置电流为2 nA。

    默认情况下,AD5791 RFB路径连接到缓冲器的输出。对于需要更高驱动能力或远程检测的应用,板载连接可以断开…