• AD8675 phase reserval

    Have you information on  the phase reversal for the AD8675?


    The AD8675 does not phase reverse when input is within input voltage range IVR.
  • AD8675 open null pins

    We plan to use the AD8675. From the data sheet it is not clear to us, if we can
    left open the null pins (1,8) if not needed in the schematic?

    Thank you for a short feedback.


    Yes, you can leave it unconnected. It is optional from Figure…
  • AD8675 LTspice XVll model versus model AD8675 spice model

    Dear sir

    I experiment a different behavior regarding input bias current in AD8675 amplifier according models I use with LTSPICE.

    When I simulate the AD8675 component using the model provided with LT SPICE XVll software, I get perfect match with datasheet…

  • AD8675 Power Up Sequence

    Hi Adi

    I use a AD8675 in a circuit just before a DAC. It buffers a voltage reference signal of 5V.

    Recently the op amp did not work after a start up. +-15V was applied as supply voltages.

    I wonder if start up sequence not was not correct. Maybe 5V on…

  • RE: If AD8675 can be power with single power suply?


    Yes, you can use single supply of 12V.
    However, your input will be atleast +2.5V as the input voltage range required ~2.5V from your -Vs.

    Thanks and regards!

  • AD8675上电锁死



  • AD8675 Input Voltage Range, Noise & LTSPICE model


    I'm tempted to use AD8675/AD8676 but I have a couple of open questions:

    In the parametric search, the input voltage headroom for AD8675/AD8676 is given as 1.5V (typ) and 2.5V (max).

    Under what conditions do I have to consider the max specification…

  • SPICE model of AD8675 ... Problem ?


    I am currently simulating with the AD8675.

    AC analysis.

    If I use it with common feedback stuff. It works.

    But the output can reach kilovolts with a supply of +/- 15V

    On the other hand, on a particular setup, I do get some other strange behavior…

  • AD8675/AD8676: Exact meaning of Maximal Differential Input Voltage in Datasheet

    Hi everyone,

    My Situation:

    If build a circuit with some filter capacitors (10uF) an the input's of the OpAmp AD8676 and have the problem that after some time (days of power up/down) suddenly the OpAmp start to leak at it's positive input an sink about…