• generation  sinusoid with help AD7538

    I design electrodrive micromotor. Micromotor supply 3 sinusoid with
    variable-amplitude and frequency (0-53 Hz or 0-106 Hz; 540 point on
    period). Configuration chanel(1 faze): DAC AD7538 with AD8675,summarize
    AD8675, filter 1 or 2 degree on AD8675, power…

  • AD8675 phase reserval

    Have you information on  the phase reversal for the AD8675?


    The AD8675 does not phase reverse when input is within input voltage range IVR.
  • RE: SPICE model for OpAmp Noise

    Hi Kapati,

    Apologies for the delayed response. The AD8676 spice model  is currently being modified. For the meantime,  you may use the AD8675 model instead. AD8676 is a dual of AD8675.



  • RE: Why AD5780/90 get shortage on VSS

    Hi Mark,

    Vdd = +10V

    Vss = -10V

    Vcc = +3.3V

    VrefP = +5V

    VrefN = -5V

    AGND is connected with DGND

    The DAC is connected to output amplifier (AD8675). The AD8675 is connected to a third party chip ADC input.

  • RE: Composite amplifier using ADA4637-1 and ADA4870-1

    2. Is the front-end amp in a de-compensate state? i.e., the minimal gain of front-end amp should be at least 5 or more. Do I need a small capacitor between Vout of ADA4637 and the inverting pin?

    3. I would like to use AD8675 as the front-end op-amp, where…

  • RE: AD5791 with AD797 as Vref buffer oscillation



      There is a reason why we suggest the AD8676 and AD8675 on the AD5791 data sheet.

    If you have not done RF/microwave pcb's, the AD797 is extremely difficult to tame.

    You need a clean four layer board with all metalization removed below the inputs…

  • RE: any DAC Eval board with 0-10V output and 50mA drive


    Apologies for the late response.

    You may want to take a look at the EVAL-AD5760SDZ. The AD5760 will satisfy the 0-10V output requirement. It comes with the AD8675 opamp but is limited to produce current of upto 35mA. You can replace the AD8675

  • SPICE model of AD8675 ... Problem ?


    I am currently simulating with the AD8675.

    AC analysis.

    If I use it with common feedback stuff. It works.

    But the output can reach kilovolts with a supply of +/- 15V

    On the other hand, on a particular setup, I do get some other strange behavior…

  • AD8675 open null pins

    We plan to use the AD8675. From the data sheet it is not clear to us, if we can
    left open the null pins (1,8) if not needed in the schematic?

    Thank you for a short feedback.


    Yes, you can leave it unconnected. It is optional from Figure…
  • Comment on AD8675 phase reserval

    I experience phase reversal respectively input latch-up problems in a AD8675 buffer application and found this QA as only reference. Particularly the topic isn't discussed in the datasheet.

    Saying no phase reversal as long as the input voltage…