• Replacement for AD8672

    Hi all!!

    for building a precise and efficient Sample and Hold circuit, i found the following application note in AD website


    But the operating voltage range of the op amp used (AD8672) is…

  • AD8672 Input Noise


    is there another plot for the input Voltage Noise auf AD8672? Because in DAtasheet it is plotted with linear axis. For designing with this opamp I would like to have logarithmic plot. 



  • Loading between channels on AD8672?

    Im using the AD8672 on the dual op amp evaluation board to provide 2 output channels.

    Both amplifier A and B are given the same 30us input signal. Amplifier A is behaves normally as long as Amplifier B is not connected to a scope (50ohm termination)…

  • Asking about supply voltage Type for AD8672


    Kindly can I consider AD8672  with Dual/Single Supply voltages or it is dual supply voltage only?

    I appreciate your fast response.


    Ahmed Sabry

  • AD8672 is very easy to be damaged

    I already destroy more then 10 pcs AD8672 in my experiment.

    I just use it as a low noise unit gain buffer.

    Supply voltage are +/-12V

    IN+ is connected to the reference output from LM399.
    IN- and output is shorted to provide the negative supply voltage…

  • Indirect feedback noise simulation with LT1167 and AD8672

    Hello friends,

    I wish to do a noise simulation on a current source controller using the LT1167 instrumentation amplifier and the AD8672 low noise op-amp. what is the correct approach for noise simulation on a indirect feedback circuit like this? In LTspice…

  • AD8672  Open-Loop Gain and Phase Shift vs. Frequency &  Output Impedance vs. Frequency Question?

    Hi there,

      We are using the SPICE model of AD8672 to simulate the open-loop gain & phase shift vs. frequency & output impedance vs. frequency. It turns out to be quite different from the listed in data sheet. Attached is the test result for your information…

  • AD8672  Datasheet 上的Open-Loop Gain and Phase Shift vs. Frequency &  Output Impedance vs. Frequency 參數疑問?

    想請問一下我使用AD8672 spice model  去跑Open-Loop Gain and Phase Shift vs. Frequency &  Output Impedance vs. Frequency  這兩個參數,RUN出來的參數為何 DATASHEET上面所標示的是不一樣的,測試條件與Datasheet一樣 , 詳細測試數據在附件,thanks!!!

  • 问题: [征文+转载] 最近想设计个usb声卡,查了几天资料,发现AD8662,AD8672的确是个好东西,下面是转过来的帖子

    帖子转自 耳机大家坛 实践者  PCM-D50回放电路升级全解析:  借躯还魂--D50回放电路D1式复原 



    摘要 :本文通过对PCM-D50进行电路改造,使之具有和更高级机种PCM-D1相同的回放电路。在牺牲部分续航能力的前提下,使D50在现有的电路上更充分地发挥硬件潜能,达到音质改善与驱动能力提高的目的;关于改造的理论依据和改造后的性能分析评价也将在本文内详述。



  • AD8676 :input voltage exceeds the common mode voltage range


    I have a question.

    Does AD8676 will occur "phase reversal" when the input voltage exceeds the common mode voltage range within supply voltage range?

    Ex. AD8672  D/S Page 1  "No phase reversal"

    In this regard, the same as the