• RE: LTSpice doesnt converge for AD8671

    LTSpice doesnt converge for AD8671.asc

    Just sharing the simulation file here.

    I'm requesting support from the experts on the device too.

  • AD8671


    What is the maximum input current of the AD8671?

    Because the power supply sequence of the AD8671 is as follow.

    1)-5V is applied to the V- terminal

    2)4V is applied to the +IN terminal

    3)15V is applied to the V+ terminal

    Since I think that the current…

  • LT Spice Simulation Question regard to AD8671


    I drew 2 different test circuits on AD8671 in LT Spice and try to perform a transient analysis on the chip . When I ran the two test circuits individually, both of them behave well. But If I include both of them in the same schematic, the simulation…

  • Question for AD8671

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I have a question for you.

    If the load(RL) is open(infinity) on Vs=+/-5V supply, what are the min VOH and VOL?

    Your datasheet show 3.8V and -3.8V when RL=2kohm.

    AD8671 isnt rail to rail device.

    I think that they are similar 3.8V/…

  • RE: PSpice model for OP270Z

    The following are space qualified, but I don't know what the rad tolerance is:

    AD8671S, ADA4077-2S, ADA4084-2S, and AD8629S.  See:


    My choice…

  • RE: ADA4807-2 become very heat when it put-in a ±5v circuit?where is  the reason?

    Thank You for your reply.

    I don't give input signal, I just solder ADA4807 on the PCB, and I have try another ADA4807, but all of them generate heat . 

    when I use AD8671 or ADA4841, they are normal. they have same the define of Pin.

  • RE: Heat problem in AD811ANZ


    Just change to an ADA4084-1, ADA4610-1, or AD8671 and the power dissipation will

    be a lot less.


  • Recommend parts for low noise power supply rails for an op amp circuit?


    I am working on a design which uses sevral low noise op amps (AD8671) for handling analog signals. I would like some help with choosing a suitable way to power the circuit.

    I have an input power supply of 9V DC, and would like to generate +12V…

  • RE: Droop/backswing in 3-stage amplifier



      As Jon pointed out, the Vos of the first stage gets multiplied by the overall gain.

    Second, The AD797 has extremely high gbw and is very hard to use.  People call in all the

    time with oscillations;  I'm amazed your board works at all.  It…

  • RE: Failure Analysis of Burned ADF4153 & ADF4106

    Dear Grzegorz,

    Thanks for providing the previous helpful answer.

    We are trying to perform an exhaustive failure analysis (in the limits of practicality).

    I am including a pseudo-netlist of the PLL loop filter.

    Could you respond if with such filter…