• AD8662: Supply voltage

    Our customer wants to use AD8662 with +/-5V supply voltage.
    Datasheet mentions 16V supply voltage range.
    Can you confirm that it is OK to supply +/-5V for this device ?
    Are there some cases with AD amplifiers where it is not possible…
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  • RE: Distorted o/p in EXC_OUT Signal from EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ


    If your resolver requires 4.25VRMS (differential) then that is about 6Vp (12Vpp).   The RDC swings between 7.2Vpp to 8.0Vpp differentially, natively which means you would need about 1.5x gain so the 15.4K option should be sufficient for your needs…

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  • RE: AD8667 Bias Current Figures

    Hi, Emman-

    It looks like another member of the same DigiTrim family, the AD8662, DOES specify a maximum Ibias at 25 C. Why the discrepancy?

    The amplifiers will be used to measure leakage current from a capacitor under test. One will be configured as an…

  • RE: EVAL-AD2S1210SDZ SPI over J4


    (1) To enable SPI, SOE needs to be held low. I can use LK9 to de-solder the resistor in position A. Do I need to provide some resistance in position B or can I just short it with 0 ohm resistor?

    You can simply use a 0 ohm resistor…

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