• SPICE model of AD8657


    I've used spice model of AD8657 on LTspice. Then I get 40mV offset voltage between the inputs of AD8657 by .op analysis. Is the model correct? When I used the spice model of AD824, the offset voltage is around 40uV.

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  • Question of RESISTIVE LOAD   AD8657

    Please, please advise me.

    I read Datasheet of AD8657.

    "For example 1 kΩ of feedback resistor and assortment of 1 MΩ of load cause load resistance equivalent in 999 Ω as a result by an output.

    It's impossible that A.D. 8657/A.D. 8659 moves such…

  • AD8657制作4-20mA电流环路发送器


  • RE: Which reference should be used with the AD5541A/42A?

    Suitable external references include the ADR421 and ADR431.Both are low noise reference sources and have the required noise/accuracy level to achieve the best performance from the AD5541A/42A.

    The reference buffer is also critical to the design because…

  • What amplifier would you recommend for a low power  4mA to 20 mA  current loop transmitter application?

    For low power application that requires RRIO and greater than 5V supply, I would recommend the AD8657 due to its low supply current of 22 uA per amplifier. The AD8657 is a 18V, micropower, rail-to-rail RRIO amplifier optimized for low power and wide operating…

  • RE: AD8657ARMZ latch-up phenomena


         I used the term NVM to describe any on-chip storage technology, not specifically EEPROM.  The number of Digitrim products has greatly expanded since the writing of MT-37 and they are not limited to a specific memory technology.  I agree that this…

  • CN0179: 4-20 mA Low Power modify Vsys to 80V


    I would like to modify the CN0179 , the link below,



    Vsys = 80V

    Iout = 4mA ~ 20mA

    application : APD testing circuit for optical field

  • RE: AD9674 TGC Gain input driver

    Thanks Hugh, sorry for the late respond.

    I prefer below solution:

    cn0180(ad8657 change to ADA4896-2) + ADA4938

    Because I can not understand fully for other choices. It is high risk for me.

    For "The AD5429 has 2 channels of current output, you…

  • RE: What is the proper Rf value for AD8130?

    Hi Wojciech,

    Thank you for using AD8130. One thing that you should note is that the feedback resistor (Rf) affects the  effective load (Reff) of your amplifier. For inverting configuration, Reff = RL // Rf, and for non-inverting configuration Reff =

  • RE: VFB as a voltage reference


      Stability is really a function of the output impedance and the capacitive load.

    In general, the lower the power/supply current, the wimpier the output, so 50 pF

    can cause oscillation.  Unfortunately, there is no standardized parameter and …