• AD8656 input impedance


    I can't find in datasheet input resistace of this amplifier. How can i calculate it?

  • Precision amplifier AD8656

    Does series resistor has impact on offset voltage, bias current?

    What all are the trade off?

    Can calibration help minimizing errors due to added series resistor?

  • AD8656: damaged by unknown reason

    As shown in the figure, I use AD8656 as a two channel trans-impedance amplifier to achieve a current-voltage convert circuit. The problem is I find the chip is very ease to be damaged. I have use the multimeter to test the register between the negative…

  • Input current noise density of AD8656


    Could you tell me what is the input referred current noise of AD8656. I could not find the same from the data sheet where only the input voltage noise density is specified as 2.7nV/√Hz @ 10 KHz.

  • REF selection for mulch ch DACs like AD8656



    I have a question about AD5686 (4ch 16bit DAC).

    Could you let me know how should I think about REF selection.


    AD5686 is multi ch DAC but it doesn't have REF buffer inside.

    So, I am concerned that REF selection affects to accuracy of each…

  • Problem with AD8656 Channel Separation and THD under heavy load (40 ohms)


    I'm using the AD8656 as audio amp for a stereo signal. A schematic of the important part and component is attached.

    My problem is: When drawing significant current (above 1mA) there is a very disturbing crosstalk between both channels (above…

  • 运放AD8656在高增益(100倍)时产生固定频率约为100KHz和幅值4mV固定的纹波




  • RE: ADA4817做光电二极管前置放大电路问题


  • Question about driving AD7176-2


    I have an AFE which uses the AD8221 in-amp.

    Is it possible to drive the AD7176-2 with this in-amp directly or should I use a buffer stage (i.e. AD8656) to drive the ADC?

  • RE: CMOS AMP contains no BJT

    Hi Jino,

    Thanks for response! It looks like i can buy AD8656 from local distributor next weak.

    I belive i can test it at liquid nitrohen same weak and it will take me 1 more weak to test it under liquid helium temperature.

    I will post here results…