• RE: AD8601 unity gain buffer

    I got it, thanks. Ad8651 seems to be proper. I need to use high resistance value resistors with the opamp and ad8651 seems to be a fit for that too.

  • RE: AD8655 cannot simulate current noise

    Hi Harry ,

    Thank you for the information with regards to this issue .

    AD8651 has a simulation model have taken this as a reference .

    Thanking you

    With best regards and wishes

  • 关于AD8651和AD8652

    请问 AD8651和AD8652具体在性能上有什么区别,哪款性能更优

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    北京 中关村南大街 模拟放大以及电路设计 关注AD8651和其他精密运放

  • RE: Choosing a good opamp for a mic preamp


      The 1.8V requirement is tough.  There are not many op amps from any manufacturer that would be good for a mic preamp,

    the reason being they are focused on very low power, so they are usually CMOS and have high flatband noise.  For 2.7V

    or higher…

  • RE: composite amplifier

    Hi Sampath,

    I suggest you can use the AD8651/AD8652 part. AD8651/AD8652 has a bandwidth of 50 MHz at 5V supply, has low noise density of 4.5 nV/√Hz at 100 kHz, has a typical offset voltage of 100 uV and slew rate of 41 V/μs. You can download its datasheet…

  • I-V converter for PMT


    My name is charles.

    I'd already used the the high speed video amp(AD811 and AD8057)and ultra low input current offset amp(AD549) respectively in my simple I-V converter circuit to get a singnal from PMT(2uA max) with Rf(100Mohm). 


  • 关于5V运放AD8651电路的设计问题


    vi 相对 SIGREG 的输出为 0-5v。系统电压为24v,如果要实现对地电压为0-5V的缓冲输出,是必须用高电压运放来实现么

  • RE: Huge offset voltage with ADA4897-1


      For a gain of 10, times 400kHz, times 10-20 margin, I would pick an op amp with a gbw of 40-80 MHz.

    WRT noise, look at AN-940 for a table of low voltage noise op amps and a table of low current noise

    op amps.  Since you are running at a noise…

  • RE: CMOS AMP contains no BJT

    Hi Alexey,

    Here are some of FULLY CMOS designed Amplifiers in ADI portfolio.

    1. AD8651/AD8652 (50 MHz, Precision, Low Distortion, Low Noise CMOS Amplifiers)

         a. 2.7 V to 5.5 V Supply Operation

         b. -0.1 V to (+Vs + 0.1 V) Input Voltage Range

         c. 30mV…