• AD8646: Overvoltage

    How should I protect from Overvoltage?


    In general we suggest you add external Schottky diodes and current limiting
    resistor to any input which is likely to exceed the abs max ratings. Note the
    diodes need to be mounted physically close…
  • Printing on AD8646

    Could any one knows the meaning of printing on AD8646?

  • Latch up AD8646


    i am using AD8646 for voltage follower as illustrated in following schematic. the output of AD8646 shall be connected to 12Bit ADC for voltage measurement UDC (range 0 to 820V). The supply of AD8646 is V2 (4,5V), which can be manually turned off…

  • AD8646 slew rate variation.


    Customer would like to know how much variation slew rate AD8646 has. (by Process/Temperature.)

    in the data sheet, typ=11V/usec @RL=2kohm. 

    They would like to know slower case because they are considering to use AD8646 high speed application and Vs…

  • RE: What is the current noise density of the AD8646/7/8?

    Hi ,

    Current noise for CMOS parts is extremely difficult to measure.  While we cannot say exactly what it is because of physical limits of measurement equipment, I can tell you that it is below 50fA/rtHz at 1kHz.

    - See answer above.  Also…

  • AD8646 Spice model


    Our customer simulate AD8646 with OrCad.

    The schematic is voltage follower.

    The result is strange?? The gain waveform turns the other way from 150MHz.

    Is this the AD8646 performance or spice model bug or wrong simulation?

    Should we ignore…

  • RE: AD8646 Maximum Output Swing vs. Frequency

    You guys should do something about that notation - 1MHz seems easier to write than 1K*1K. I found the 1MHz value from the switching graph (Fig.29)! Yet, Fig 39 is strongly misleading! Imagine one has to find the right IC from a lot of products from different…

  • Replacing LMV84x by AD8646/8648 ?


    We are now studying to replace LMV84x on existing system by AD8646 or AD8648, then having questions as follows.

    1) Absolute Maximum Ratings of input voltage at AD8646/8648 is defined as "GND to Vsy".

      I could not find any clear definition…

  • RE: ADA4851-1 maximum value of Input Offset Voltage Drift.

    Hi JinoL-san,

    Thank you for your reply.

    The situation has been changed. customer is considering to use other device "AD8646" for their application now.

    So could you close this question?

    For your information, their application is low side…