• RE: Slew rate VS input level (ad8641?)

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  • 使用光电二极管跨阻放大,后级输出是正弦信号,正常吗?


  • Noise Calculation in MS-2022


    how to get the below value from AD8641? from datasheet, In should be 0.5fA, right?

    another question is about 

    in calculation, BW is equal to 10Kz. but in application MT-049, BW = 1.57*FCL,  FCL = GBW / NoiseGain, this is my understanding,

    so please…

  • RE: REF02: TEMP pin

    Hi Mr. K,

    I just want to clarify that bias current is the amount of current that the input circuitry of op amp requires for its proper operation. If the bias current of AD8641 is 260pA(max), then it is also the maximum current that the AD8641 can be…

  • MS-2022 Noise Calculation for Proper Signal Conditioning


    I am not sure if I am posting at the right place, but it is about following:   

    The application note MS-2022 has more mistakes, it is a quite confusing/frustrating and it hasn't been corrected or revised since 2011!


  • RE: AD8627是五脚单运放,使用温度只有80度,有没有温度是125度的



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  • RE: AD8066用哪个芯片可以替换


  • RE: 印象•ADI放大器——有奖互动,说出你的ADI放大器印象


    首先对于微弱信号处理,得选择低偏置电流,输入阻抗大的OPADI最好的用于光电转换上的芯片是AD549LIb=60fA),根据项目的需求,对于uA级的信号,理论上OP的偏置电流至少要nA级别,最好是pA级别。这种OP ADI有很多种,FET输入级基本都在这个级别:如AD8627AD8641等等。最终选择了AD8627


  • RE: Low input bias current. Which one to choose?

    Some of the other choices are:

    ADA4610-2 if you need a dual

    AD820, AD822

    AD8641, AD8642

    AD8610, AD8620

    AD8510, and ADA4610-2

    All of these are stable at gain of 1 for your voltage follower