• AD8638

    I have planned to use AD8638 opamp in my project. Am in need of the spice model for the simulations.

    Could anyone help me in getting the spice model for AD8538.


    Chiranjeevi M

  • RE: Issue with search for ADA range



      Take a look at the AD8638/8639.


  • RE: AD8638 Gain issue


    Can you confirm whether it really is AD8638. AD8638 is a 16 V Auto-Zero, Rail-to-Rail Output Operational Amplifiers whose GBW can only go up to 1.5MHz. Your input frequency is way beyond the op-amps specification, in turn will greatly degrade the output…

  • RE: AD5791 operate voltage

    Hi Rainier

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    another question about AD5791 ( 20 bit DAC )  &  AD5541A ( 16 bit  DAC ) 

    Which spec is concerned about replace the  uni-gain buffer ( AD8638 or AD8639 )  to AD8675 ?

    Since the Input offset voltage for AD8638 is 3…

  • RE: What is the Common mode voltage range of ADA4522-2 ?

    Hi Emman,

    It is functioning well but as temperature changes the drift of output current is also large. So i was looking for an IC which had low offset voltage and drift. Then i came across AD8638, AD4522-2 etc. One doubt which i have is that, in the…

  • AD8638: Temperature variation

    The spice model on the web page
    mplifiers/ad8638.html#product-overview   appears to be much more sensitive to
    temperature than I would expect.  It is more sensitive…
  • RE: AD8638 weird behaviour

    Hello pmatschek,

    Let's look at the circuit first and do some thought experiment. R1 and R2 forms a voltage divider that is 2 to 1 ratio. So, the inverting input of the amplifier will see (2/3)*VS3. Let's say you have 12V at VS3, the max voltage you…

  • input bias current of AD8638


    during evaluation of AD8638 I experienced a higher than expected biascurrent.

    The device was (accidently) out of regulation with:

      - inverting input at 0V

      - noninverting input at -2V

      - Powersupply was +-6.7V

    In this situation there was…

  • RE: 用来搭建零阻电流计,用AD8638是否合适呢?

    没问题,可以的。主要看offset和bias current,AD8638的offset很低,bias current为pA级。

  • AD8638: Inpput range at +-5V supply

    I use ad8638 with +-5V dual supply.
    Could You tell me please what is the input voltage range? I can't find this
    value in the datasheet!


    With dual supply operation +-5V there is a valid input voltage range for AD8638