• AD8638

    I have planned to use AD8638 opamp in my project. Am in need of the spice model for the simulations.

    Could anyone help me in getting the spice model for AD8538.


    Chiranjeevi M

  • AD8638: Temperature variation

    The spice model on the web page
    mplifiers/ad8638.html#product-overview   appears to be much more sensitive to
    temperature than I would expect.  It is more sensitive…
  • AD8638 Gain issue


            There's application that use AD8638 in RF receive front end. And  use it under third order intermodulation situation(input signal frequency is 60MHz) there just up to 28dBm(and the data sheet note it can meet 33dBm)  . Does there any advice…

  • AD8638 weird behaviour


    I'm testing a simple circuit with the AD8638 Op Amp.

    The Amplifier is supplied with 12 VDC single supply and works as a kind of voltage limiter. The limiting voltage should be 9.9 V which is derived from a voltage reference.

    The auto zero…

  • AD8638: Inpput range at +-5V supply

    I use ad8638 with +-5V dual supply.
    Could You tell me please what is the input voltage range? I can't find this
    value in the datasheet!


    With dual supply operation +-5V there is a valid input voltage range for AD8638
  • input bias current of AD8638


    during evaluation of AD8638 I experienced a higher than expected biascurrent.

    The device was (accidently) out of regulation with:

      - inverting input at 0V

      - noninverting input at -2V

      - Powersupply was +-6.7V

    In this situation there was…

  • AD8638 Input Bias vs. Offset-Current

    In the datasheet for the AD8638 I don´t understand how the input offset current can be much larger than the inbut bias current.

    E.g. on page 4 of the datasheet at the specs for V(sy)=16V there is 1pA/75pA (typ./max.) input bias current at 25°C,…

  • AD8638 - is it possible to bootstrap the power rails to decrease Cin common mode?

    per Barry Harvey's answer in rarely asked questions, Issue 168

  • RE: Mass/Weight of AD542/AD549/ADA4627-1/AD8638

    Hi Chris,

    The mass of AD549 is 1.00 gram for a terminal finish of Au(Gold) and 0.945 gram for a terminal finish of 63Sn37Pb(Tin-Lead). I think the AD542 is an obsolete part.  What package of AD8638 and ADA4627-1 are you using?



  • AD8638或AD8639的输入噪声电流问题