• AD8629 : does any one know its Thermal EMF coefficient?

    does any one know the thermal EMF coefficient for this device (thermal Electro-Motive Force)?

    Thank you

    Fausto Bartra

  • 8-lead narrow SOIC and MSOP plastic package parameters for AD8629 OP-AMP

    HI eveyone ,

    I need package parasitics for the SOIC or MSOP plastic package with 8 pins for op-amp AD8629.I do not know the exact source of this information. Kindly make me convenient for the same.

  • 使用AD5445和AD8629进行数模转换的问题



  • Flicker noise and Noise Models not mentioned in AD8629 Spice model. We are doing Noise analysis and these noise parameters are critical. So can you please provide the SPICE model with all the Noise parameters modeled?. Thanks in advance

    In AD8629 Spice model the Flicker noise parameters and Noise models such as the ones mentioned in AD8617 SPICE model has not been given in AD8629 Spice model. Hence i here by request you to kindly provide the AD8629 SPICE model with all the noise parameters…

  • Maximum operating pressure

    We actually use the AD8629 for subsea applications.

    Therefore, we would like to know the maximum operating pressure specifications.


    The maximum operating pressure is not specified for AD8629.

    The packaged part is robust to withstand…
  • RE: Measurement range of CN0338

    hi dante2608: the CN0338 use the HTS-E21-F3.91/F4.26 thermopile sensor made by HEIMANN, this sensor have typical 37nV/sqrt(Hz) voltage noise density, the AD8629 have 22nV/sqrt(Hz) input voltage noise density and 500nVpp 0.1Hz~10Hz input voltage noise…

  • RE: 签个到,送您好礼啦!(获奖名单已公布)

    沈阳,沈河区青年大街227号,做智能家居及工业气体报警 关注AD8629 ADR130

  • RE: cn0338

    hi jamal2010: I add the answers in following,

    1. the R1 is the pull up resistor for the external push button, the DNP means Do Not Populate, the have nothing installed on the PCB. because the SW1 is not used in CN0338, so the R1 is useless.
    2. when you…
  • 关于CN-0338产品

    请问如果订购是不是只用购买EVAL-CN0338-ARDZ电路板  和EVAL-ADICUP360兼容性平台板这两个,像AD8629,ADA4528-1等已经在这个板子上面了,不需要另外购买?还有一个问题就是这种探测器是不是直接插在电路板?这个热电堆探测器可不可以拆下来,装上其他的探测器?

  • RE: PSpice model for OP270Z

    The following are space qualified, but I don't know what the rad tolerance is:

    AD8671S, ADA4077-2S, ADA4084-2S, and AD8629S.  See:


    My choice…