• Flicker noise and Noise Models not mentioned in AD8629 Spice model. We are doing Noise analysis and these noise parameters are critical. So can you please provide the SPICE model with all the Noise parameters modeled?. Thanks in advance

    In AD8629 Spice model the Flicker noise parameters and Noise models such as the ones mentioned in AD8617 SPICE model has not been given in AD8629 Spice model. Hence i here by request you to kindly provide the AD8629 SPICE model with all the noise parameters…

  • RE: Great Difference Bias Current AD8629/AD8629S


      First, let me tell you I am biased, and think that typicals are a waste of ink.  Over the past 35+ years,

    I have seen a lot of people get in trouble with them.  What is a typical?  Is it an average?  a mean?

    On how many parts?  One lot from five…

  • RE: AD8629S Rad-Hardness

    Hi Dave,

    There are no plans at the current time to perform any further TID testing on the AD8629S.



  • Maximum operating pressure

    We actually use the AD8629 for subsea applications.

    Therefore, we would like to know the maximum operating pressure specifications.


    The maximum operating pressure is not specified for AD8629.

    The packaged part is robust to withstand…
  • RE: Measurement range of CN0338

    hi dante2608: the CN0338 use the HTS-E21-F3.91/F4.26 thermopile sensor made by HEIMANN, this sensor have typical 37nV/sqrt(Hz) voltage noise density, the AD8629 have 22nV/sqrt(Hz) input voltage noise density and 500nVpp 0.1Hz~10Hz input voltage noise…

  • RE: 使用AD5445和AD8629进行数模转换的问题


  • RE: offset problem of AD8629 OPAMP

    Did you resolve the AD8629 offset issue?  We have found a similar problem when using the AD8629 in a thermopile amplifier: the offset changes after cycling the power to the circuit.  We use 2 identical amplifier circuits in a thermopile based gas detection…

  • Input offset voltage level of AD8629

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Our customer found the following matter with your AD8629 OPAMP.

    Application is temperature sensor by Thermopile(TP).

    Please refer to my enclosed Fig-1 schematic.

    In the enclosed schematic, customer replaced TP to fixed resister.17…

  • AD8629. High capacitive load

    Are there any limitations for the AD8629 when driving capacitive load of 10 nF
    with 5V supply? If not, what are the limits?


    There is some information in the datasheet about the tolerance of load

    Figures 23-26 give…
  • RE: AD8629 as a current sense

    Autozero op amps are not continuous time circuits.  See MT-055 and MS-2062.

    There have been four generations of AZ op amps, so some handle fast changes better

    than others.  Suggest you breadboard.  BTW, the Spice models are continuous time

    so they are…