• AD8628: Signal sourcing

    Reading the 8628 data sheet I don't see the simplified block diagram of the
    amplifier. The question is the following: when looking to the signal source
    trough AD8628 is that mean that 8628 connected to the signal source only half
  • AD8628 minimum stable gain

    The datasheet does not mention the value of the minimum gain. What minimum gain
    is possible, where AD8628 stays stable?


    AD8628 is unity gain stable. This means G = 1 or G = 0dB.

    Most of our amplifiers are unity gain stable, unless…
  • 使用AD8628搭建八阶巴特沃斯低通滤波器输出异常


    实际PCB板,输入4mA电流信号,使用100Ω精密电阻做I-V转换,滤波器前三级AD8628输出均正常,为0.4V, 最后一级AD8628输出为0.7V,将最后一级AD8628输出开路(拆除ADC芯片),


  • AD8628和ADA4505的几个问题,小白提问


    红色方框的内容“5 V单电源操作”,意思是必须接5V单电源供电? V+接+5V,V-接-5V不可以吗?

    2. 请问ADA4505的供电,必须是“1.8 V至5 V单电源或±0.9 V至±2.5 V双电源供电”吗? V+接+5V,V-接-5V不可以吗?

    注 : 纯新手,手册看不懂,求求各位帮帮忙。

  • AD8628/29/30, thermopile application, power supply decoupling?

    We are attempting to use an AD8630 to amplify the signals from four thermopiles.  This amplifier was recommended by Dexter Research, a thermopile manufacturer.  One thermopile is equipped with broad-band optical window which admits a lot of light, and the…

  • RE: AD8628 vs ADA4528-1 Output Current Capability

    This question has been closed by the EZ team and is assumed answered.
  • AD8628 as voltage follower

    I am using an AD8628 as a voltage follower to buffer a d.c. voltage and drive a load of 100nF and 2.2k parallel resistor. 

    As this is quite a large capacitive load I added a series resistor at the op-amp output with the negative feedback taken after the…

  • AD8628 Spike bias current

    Auto zero amplifiers,like opa2188 ,have spike bias current which is very huge.The datasheet of AD8628  did not mention spike bias current,does AD8628 have very low spike bias current or it does not have any spike bias current?

  • AD8628做电压跟随