• AD8626 voltage noise issue

    Hi Experts,

    I am testing a circuit that TIA pre-amp used AD8626.

    I used Fig45 of spec page15 topology, and 2 OP are used.

    I used same opto-diodes in the -INA and -INB inputs.

    As I thought, the voltage noise of 2 OP should be same.

    But the test shown…

  • RE: What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!

    Hi Matei, 

    Do you have a specific step size that you need to work with? The AD8626 seems to have lower slew rate and bandwidth compared to the ADA4610. What is your input and expected output?



  • RE: pH计(酸度计)和电导率仪那些事

    PH计设计的主要考虑因素有: 稳定性、分辨率、低功耗。结合上面提供的咱们ADI的解决方案,看看如何满足这些需求:

    多数pH计提供3.位的分辨率,这意味着16位Σ-Δ ADC即足够。某些实验室pH计的分辨率可能高达5.位,此时应当使用AD7793等。24位Σ-Δ ADC和低闪烁噪声放大器ADA4505-2/AD8626。


  • RE: How to meet high input resistance and input bias current return requirements?

    Hi Emmann,

    I want to measure small DC signal variation on the soil surface. Small

    signal means as low as 10 microvolts. Two special electrodes are

    touching/contacting the soil and the signal occures between them. The

    electrodes are connected to the…

  • RE: hi.in ADI Water Analysis Solution for pH Meters.pdf there is a block in the name of programmable ac current in conductivity meter . i can not understand why there is not a single current source for that

    thanks alot it is absolutely right . i have used ad8626 opamp in my circuit and i got wrong current from +vref and when use -vref.the other task i want to have 1ua current with this circuit . i wanna know your opinion about using r3 about 2 Mohm is this…

  • RE: AD8627输出震荡



    Follower是最容易振荡的,要选用标有“unity gain stable”的OPA的,AD8626 datasheet第一页写了它是的。


  • RE: Amplifying 40 - 80 uV with DC bias of at least 200 mV.

    Hi Fridrik,

    I am thinking of limiting the gain of the first stage instrumentation amplifier to probably less than 10V/V (enough not to saturate the part by the dc offset)  and followed by high pass or a band pass filter stage to  removes dc effects and t…

  • ad822: Phase reversal (1)

    A customer is reporting a behavior of the AD822 as follows:
    If an input gets a voltage level that is above the Vdd, the output is going low
    instead of staying at Vdd potential.

    ° Would it be possible to get some infos on the background…
  • RE: 有奖创想,一起来做环境监测“创客”(获奖名单已公布)








  • ADI公司针对pH计和电导率仪的水分析解决方案