• Noise optimizing AD8599 &&

    Good day,

    I have a task to optimize noise in BW 10Hz - 10kHz.

    Voltage gain shall be around 20..50. OA connected directly to source of signal,

    which has impedance 1kOm DC and 50Om AC. OA connected to middle point of R1/R2 divider,

    where R1 connected…

  • ADI运算放大器选型指南


  • RE: 【求助】ADMP401 加运放ADA4897-1 电路  Vref取值问题?


    REF的值主要取决于后端运放的供电范围以及要放大的信号增益。具体计算可以参考ADI应用笔记AN1165  Supply Voltage一节。