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    The AD8622 may be worth a look

  • RE: AD8676 Current limiting resistor


    I found that AD797 and AD8622 mention the current limit for protecting differential input voltage.

    For AD797, it says that external resister is necessary.

    On the other hand AD8622 has internal resister(500ohm).

    Does AD8676 has inside protection…

  • RE: Output current drift in VI converter using AD8276 and ADA4610-2

    Hi Harry,

    I tried AD8622 but the drift is not improved as attached. Could you tell me the expected drift range of AD8622 and how to calculate? Because I need to minimize the drift as much as possible under 10pA to meet our requirement.



  • PSRR of AD8622

    On pages 3/4 of the data sheet, a minimum PSRR of 125 dB @ 25°C is specified,
    whereas in Figs. 29/32 the PSRR apparently settles to slightly above 100 dB
    below 10 Hz. Could you please explain the reason for this discrepancy?


    The specs…
  • The AD8622 with ~10uF capacitive load

    I want to use the AD8622 at +/-5V to drive a 10uF capacitor. Will that cause a stability problem?

  • RE: AD8066用哪个芯片可以替换


  • AD8622: macro model is for +/-15V supply only, Have you got a macro model for AD8622 for +/-2.5V supply voltage operation?

    Have you got a macro model for AD8622 for +/-2.5V supply voltage operation?
    For Vs=+/-5V it works fine but it doesn’t work with +/-2.5V. 


    Our SPICE models are usually created for the higher supply voltage of the op
    amp (mentioned in…
  • AD8622使用

    在使用ad8622 构成仪表放大的时候,当输入端悬空什么都不接的时候,输出端是电源电压,因为用这个仪表放大测量脑电信号,当接到人体的时候,因为第一级仪表放大只有10倍,脑电信号5-


  • RE: What is the production status of AD8622ARMZ?

    Hi Andrew, 

    Please don't hesitate to ask if you have further questions on the part. 

    May I ask how you plan on using the AD8622?



  • Correlated current noise - looking for concrete calculation examples

    I am looking for some concrete examples of how to use the correlated and uncorrelated current noise specifications in noise calculations. For example, the attached .pdf has an simple example circuit and calculation using the specifications for the AD8622…