• AD8618 supply decoupling


    I'm designing a PCB with four AD8618, single supply +3V and all channels as voltage followers (see attached figure, U3-U6). U1 is the voltage regulator in the circuit, and the output is decoupled with a 4.7uF tantalum cap (C2). Now my question…

  • AD8618运放供电问题



  • AD8618 Spice model and input capacitance

    I've got a circuit that's not behaving as predicted by the AD8618 spice model included with LTSpice XVII (version

    It appears the common mode input capacitance (7.8pF according to the data sheet) is not included in the spice model.…

  • RE: AD8001

    可以看一下AD8616 AD8618,  偏流也很小

  • RE: 印象•ADI放大器——有奖互动,说出你的ADI放大器印象


  • RE: AD7699输入端有尖峰噪声,该尖峰噪声的出现频率与采样频率相同

    AD7699引起的毛刺是正常现象, 不能完全消除, 它不会影响转换结果.

    运放可以参考ADA4841, 或单电源的AD8618

  • RE: Purpose of Modulation frequency of 5KHz on CN0312 and CN0363 Evaluation Borads

    Hi Umer, 

    In addition to this, the LED is being driven by AD8618 for CN0312  which forms a simple constant current source.  the current source is being defined by the resistor divider that generates certain bias voltage derived from Vref.

    For CN0363, the…

  • RE: Selecting input power - external, usb or batteries

    The schematics as published in the article on EDN shows the power connection of the AD8618 at the source of the MOSFETs (output ORed node). The AD8619 is a quad op-amp, so only 1 power connection is shown.

    In the case you want to use 4 single op-amps…

  • RE: Can DC890B evaluation board interfaced in any way other than using QuikEval or PScope?

    Thanks for the quick reply Mr. Hoover. I see that you are the applications engineer for the DC1925A board and I have few questions regarding the same.

    1) I see that the ADC is driven by a LT6203 amplifier, input voltage offset of this amplifier is 700uV…

  • RE: High frequency noise at the output of a 4th order filter



      A quad is not four op amps in one package, it is four functions in one piece of silicon.  At high 

    frequencies, you have coupling with stray C to substrate, through the bond wires, between

    the traces on the pc board, etc.  If you have capacitance…