• AD8617 Power Supply Voltage


    Is it OK to apply 5.5V power supply to AD8617?
    It is not clear in datasheet whether maximum power supply should be 5.0V or 5.5V.

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  • Flicker noise and Noise Models not mentioned in AD8629 Spice model. We are doing Noise analysis and these noise parameters are critical. So can you please provide the SPICE model with all the Noise parameters modeled?. Thanks in advance

    In AD8629 Spice model the Flicker noise parameters and Noise models such as the ones mentioned in AD8617 SPICE model has not been given in AD8629 Spice model. Hence i here by request you to kindly provide the AD8629 SPICE model with all the noise parameters…

  • RE: Using The ADA4177-2 as a buffer, outputs don't exactly follow inputs

    I'm surprised it is doing anything. 

    --  You need at least 5V across the part to wake it up

    --  It is not RR input;  you need to stay at least 1.5V away from either rail.

    Try an ADA4084-2 or an ADA4528-2

    For the LMC662,, you could also look at:


  • RE: cn-0209


        That was a very helpful piece of information.Thanks.

    1. If I select voltage signals for both channel1 and channel2 ,the voltage will pass through the ADG1414 and then to AD8676.But in this case ,won't the voltages overlap?
    2. I want to modify…
  • RE: CN0209: Universal AFE questions

    Hi Ching.

    First of all, the initial requeriments of my project:

         - 8 universal analog inputs (RTD, TC, 4-20, Voltage). 3 header pins.

         - Each channel can be configurated independently for RTD, TC ... measurement mode. Another choice if this option…

  • RE: AD8618 supply decoupling



      What does TRRS mean??

      What is your highest signal frequency?

      Depending on whether you need to go to DC or not and can AC couple, you could use op amps

    that have millivolts of offset, rather than <100 uV which drives up the price.


  • TO ADI :单电源运放 参考电压点

    在单电源系统中,单电源运放的参考地是接VCC/2 还是接 GND,我看资料都是接VCC/2 ,但在实际用AD8617 运放调试时发现接VCC/2,就类似比较器功能了,输入只有大于VCC/2才输出,放大倍数101。如图。
    根据  图计算 VOUT = (1+R3/R2)VIN - R3/R2 VCC/2;
    如果 VIN = VCC/2 ;  VOUT = VCC/2;
             VOUT = 0 时, VIN = R3/(R2+ R3) VCC/2; 如果放大倍数是101,那么VIN = 100…

  • ADI公司解决方案通报—放大器IC


    • 差分放大器采用单电源驱动1.8 V ADC
    • 电流检测放大器实现最大1μV/°C的失调漂移性能
    • 经过测试的电路设计
    • 热电偶放大器简化设计
    • 放大器IC选型指南
    • ADC驱动器提供快速压摆率
    • 同类最佳的电压反馈型放大器
    • 输出驱动器增强灵活性和性能
    • 差分放大器驱动184 MSPS SAR ADC,接受±10 V输入
    • 高分辨率、零漂移电流检测放大器
    • 适用于高精度设计的微功耗基准电压源
    • 精密放大器针对低功耗、宽电源电压范围应用而优化

  • ADI运算放大器选型指南


  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312