• AD8616 Supply Voltage


    I'm still relatively inexperienced with circuit design and I am wondering if I am misunderstanding something fundamental about this particular op amp. The AD8615 series is a single supply op amp, but one of the listed application is photodiode preamplification…

  • ad8616支持±5V双电源供电吗


  • 用AD8616做电压跟随器却有1.005的放大倍数


  • RE: AD8001

    可以看一下AD8616 AD8618,  偏流也很小

  • RE: 求运放推荐

    ADA4817-1, AD8615 , AD8616,AD8066, AD8067, 都可以参考一下

  • RE: Current noise details for AD8647

    Hi ,

    We are looking at this device for low cost TIA application and according the specification we see that other parameter matches our specs and only thing needed the current noise details .

    And we are also looking at AD8616 and AD8652

    Thanking …

  • RE: 多级放大电路


  • RE: Question about Chopper Amplifier


    Why do you not like choppers?  We are on our fourth generation designs, and they are quite different than 15 years ago.

    If you look for rail to rail op amps, and pick ones that have Vos max greater than 40 uV, you will probably not get a chopper.


  • TIA Configuration and opamp selection


       I am trying to configure Transimpedance  Amplifier using AD8616 for my colorimeter Application.  Please find the attached block. I am getting swings 700uV to 1mV variation (either Increase or Decrease pattern) in the output. Please find attached graph…

  • Bipolar supply adg1633

    Hello. I want use muliplexer adg1633 in package 3x3 16-pin LFCSP. But i have only +3.3V, +2.5V and -2.5V power supplyes(+-2.5V  for AD8616 with max 5.5V supply and cant do +-3.3V) . And have no -3.3v. 

    In datasheet Vss must be 0V in unipolar mode or -3.3…