• How to use AD8615?

    I want to use AD8615 weak high frequency signal amplification. Signal frequency is about 15M. I will use the 3.6V single power supply. I want to know the typical application circuit.

  • AD8615可以±5V供电吗?


  • PulSAR AD7980 driven by AD8615 and AD8426 and GND


    I'm quite new with analog and I try to catch-up on the design with these devices.

    My first question is will the AD8615 will be able to drive AD7980 at 1MSPS ?

    Second, my PCB has separated analog and digital ground, but the AD7980 has a single…

  • AD8615属于电压反馈型运算放大器吗?


  • RE: 求运放推荐

    ADA4817-1, AD8615 , AD8616,AD8066, AD8067, 都可以参考一下

  • RE: AD7980读取数值和范围的问题

    采用的是三线无繁忙的模式, 信号前端使用了AD8615电压跟随

  • RE: ADA2200 Question

    Dear brianharrington,

             I am a Chinese engineer, please forgive me for my bad English. I am currently developing luminescent dissolved oxygen (LDO), which is achieved by detecting the phase shift between fluorescence and excitation light, the phase shift…

  • RE: Question about REF194

    Hi Harry-san,

    The source and the sink current spec have not been decided yet. Would you show me a schematic using an AD8615 as a buffer?



  • RE: AC photodiode amplifier design question - synchronous demodulation

    Hi Anna,

    thank you very much for your reply. I appreciate!

    I will try out the AD8615 first since my bandwith requirements are rather moderate and high bandwith opamps can sometimes be tricky to tame ...

    Thanks again


  • 单电源供电运放,采用1/2VCC电压通过跟随器供电作为虚地,1/2VCC虚地电压出现尖峰?

    5V VCC 经过电阻分压后产生2.5V电压,该电压经过电压跟随器为余下运放提供虚地,AD8615输出的电压信号为啥产生了尖峰?