• AD8611: Overdrive

    in the ad8611 data sheet you are refering to "overdrive".
    What is overdrive ?


    Overdrive in a comparator is the difference in voltage between the + and -
    inputs. If the threshhold is set at 2.5V, connected to the -ve input,…
  • AD8611: Jitter add to the signal

    I am choosing a comparator for a clock recovery (frequency about 5...20 MHz); I
    liked the Analog Devices's AD8611 and AD8561 specifications, but I would really
    appreciate any information about the jitter additions I could expect if I…
  • Symbol file(AD8611.asy) for LTSpice


    I can't find a symbol file of AD8611(ad8611.asy) for LTSpice.

    Where can I get it ?

    Is there any link to download whole symbol files which are not included in LTSpice ?

    Thanks a lot.

  • AD8611 comparator for Zero-crossing detection under unipolar power supply


    Is it possible to compare input bipolar signal directly with Ground level, using AD8611 comparator under unipolar power supply?

    The sinusoidal signal up to 1V amplitude is present on Input.

    Or V- pin of the AD8611 must be connected to negative…

  • RE: High resoulustion comparator with dc blocking


    I tried your circuit for my design but It didn't work. I prepared the PCB and redesigned for AD8067 and AD8611 but tha output It's not acceptable!!!!

    I also tried to use only AD8611 ( I used an amplifier before comparator  and…
  • RE: ADCMP572 Comparitor Input capacitance

    Hi billclib,

    May I know what comparator you are using?

    for High speed comparator, such as AD8611, the input capacitance use in spice is 3pF.



  • RE: 询问一种电路解释






  • RE: Using PLL’s Phase Detector as a Linear Phase Meter


    A few people have suggested that PLL ICs have "tricks" inside them - to ensure that they do perform as good PLLs - rather than anything else.

    The ADF4002 is an interesting part regardless.

    I'm not sure whether the data sheet suggests…

  • 高速比较器overdrive dispertion参数

           做激光雷达方向,选用高速比较器时非常关注overdrive dispersion这项参数,但是不少芯片的datasheet没有提供这项参数,请问有没有大牛能够提供AD8564、AD8611、AD8612、ADCMP608、ADCMP609的该项参数资料,目前我需要支持TTL输出的高速比较器,也就只关注了支持此类输出的芯片,如果还有其他款比较器芯片的资料也请大牛共享一下,尤其是抖动小的高速比较器。

            另外,想问一下overdrive dispersion给出的数值是一倍标准偏差么?不太理解common…