• AD8611 changes voltage on input

    I have seen an unexpected effect when using the AD8611 with constant voltage levels. Find below a simplified diagram of what's happening. (The circuit is more complicated, so I simplified it even if it does not make much functional sense now).


  • AD8611: Overdrive

    in the ad8611 data sheet you are refering to "overdrive".
    What is overdrive ?


    Overdrive in a comparator is the difference in voltage between the + and -
    inputs. If the threshhold is set at 2.5V, connected to the -ve input,…
  • AD8611: Jitter add to the signal

    I am choosing a comparator for a clock recovery (frequency about 5...20 MHz); I
    liked the Analog Devices's AD8611 and AD8561 specifications, but I would really
    appreciate any information about the jitter additions I could expect if I

  • RE: Symbol file(AD8611.asy) for LTSpice

    Hi Jiwon, 

    Yes, you can use it directly. It should appear in the library after you've created it. 



  • RE: AD8611 comparator for Zero-crossing detection under unipolar power supply

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  • RE: ADCMP572 Comparitor Input capacitance

    Hi billclib,

    May I know what comparator you are using?

    for High speed comparator, such as AD8611, the input capacitance use in spice is 3pF.



  • High resoulustion comparator with dc blocking

    Dear all,

    I have a signal with a DC voltage  around 2V ( as it's used in receiver side, the DC is determined by power detector output and is varying between 0.2 to 2 V) the freequency is 200kHz-10MHz and the AC voltage is 13-15mV . I want to retrieve…

  • 高速比较器overdrive dispertion参数

           做激光雷达方向,选用高速比较器时非常关注overdrive dispersion这项参数,但是不少芯片的datasheet没有提供这项参数,请问有没有大牛能够提供AD8564、AD8611、AD8612、ADCMP608、ADCMP609的该项参数资料,目前我需要支持TTL输出的高速比较器,也就只关注了支持此类输出的芯片,如果还有其他款比较器芯片的资料也请大牛共享一下,尤其是抖动小的高速比较器。

            另外,想问一下overdrive dispersion给出的数值是一倍标准偏差么?不太理解common…

  • RE: 询问一种电路解释