• RE: What is the Input Resistance of the OPA184?

    I've got the AD8610 in the circuit now, and it does well, as far as I've been able to evaluate it. Except that on the -5V input, there is a very noticeable 2-3% error. I think my input is too close to the rails.

  • RE: 有奖“示爱”行动——谈谈那些让你爱爱爱爱不完的电路


    • 低噪声:6 nV/√Hz
    • 低失调电压:100 µV(最大值)
    • 低输入偏置电流:10 pA(最大值)
    • 快速建立:0.01%建立时间为600 ns
    • 低失真
    • 单位增益稳定
    • 无反相
    • 双电源供电:±5 V至±13 V
    • AD8610和AD8620的具体应用包括:电子仪器仪表;ATE放大、缓冲和积分器电路;CAT/MRI/超声医疗仪器仪表;仪器级光电二极管放大;快速精密滤波器(包括PLL滤波器)
  • High Speed low noise Instrumentation Amplifier with Disable?

    Hello I need low noise high speed and high precise Instrumentation Amplifier, my first idea was any as

    Figure 68. in datasheet  The 3-op-amp instrumentation amplifiers AD8620+AD8610.

    Amplifier is used as differential amplifier with high resistance input…

  • Tool for measuring spectral noise density ?

    Please could anyone suggest a piece of equipment for measuring the spectral noise density of amplifier circuits (similar to the plots in data sheets) ? I would like to measure the noise performance of circuits using low noise amplifiers (e.g. AD8610)…

  • RE: ADF4106 Output not varying

    2.5V may be outside the input common mode range of the AD8610.  From the datasheet, with 10V supply difference (+ve rail - -ve rail) the input can go to within 3V of the -ve rail, and with 26V supply difference it can go to within 2.5V of the -ve rail…

  • RE: Adjustable current source


    a current through LK2 and therefore through the 100mOhm sense resistor will produce a 0.1V voltage drop there. This voltage is multiplied by 20 (2nd opamp of AD8610) --> 2.0V are present on pin 2 of the first opamp,

    which operates as comparator…

  • I-V converter for PMT


    My name is charles.

    I'd already used the the high speed video amp(AD811 and AD8057)and ultra low input current offset amp(AD549) respectively in my simple I-V converter circuit to get a singnal from PMT(2uA max) with Rf(100Mohm). 


  • 如何使用ADI官网的spice模型进行仿真



    2、运行PSpice Accessories 里的Model Editor,并用它打开AD8610.cir 文件

    3、另存Cir 文件为AD8610.lib。

    4、由PSPice Library 文件生成Capture Lib 文件(.olb)

    File->Export to capture part library…




  • RE: Will there be a dual version ADA4627-1.


    Well I have some arguments:

    1) A month ago, I called in directly to an AD engineering department office and spoke with an aid who took many notes, promising to pass them on to the appropriate engineer at AD. Waiting weeks, there was no answer…

  • RE: Re opamp input capacitance AD8620 AD8211




    --  One meg and one pF gives you a pole at 158 kHz. 

    --  On +/-5V, the IVR of the AD8610 is -3V to +2V,

    --  Low noise JFETs have to have big FETs, so the capacitance can be 8-20 pF.

    --  To reduce the input C to very little, it is…