• RE: How to encrypt lib or schematic in LTspice

    Hi Sunil_Kumar,

    SPICE model encryption is performed with the LTspice command using the Windows command prompt.

    Start the command prompt from “Windows System Tools” of the start menu.

    Change to the directory where LTspice XVII is installed at…

  • Any special precautions using LT3045 LT3094 as tracking regulators?

    Would like to use an LT3045 and LT3094 as tracking linear post-regulators to generate +/-3-6V supplies (that track eachother) - with a high-speed opamp (e.g. AD8610 or AD4625-1) in the feedback loop. Are there any special precautions in doing so?

  • What is the difference between AD8610AR and AD8610BR?


    what is the difference between two type numbers AD8610AR and AD8610BR?

    I couldn't find it in the data sheet.

    Thank you.

    Muharrem Kara

  • 如何使用ADI官网的spice模型进行仿真

    如何使用ADI官网的spice模型进行仿真 by mu-zi



    2、运行PSpice Accessories 里的Model Editor,并用它打开AD8610.cir 文件

    3、另存Cir 文件为AD8610.lib。

    4、由PSPice Library 文件生成Capture Lib 文件(.olb)

    File->Export to capture part library……

  • 关于ad8620线路接法



    请教大神描述一下一些接法原理:ad8610的接法网络,tl084, ad823,还有ad712的接法,这些都是为了做什么呢?


  • RE: AD7466 VIN drops issue

    Hi Jonathan,

    The recommended buffers in the datasheet are AD8510 and AD8610 but I would like to use AD8512 or AD8620 since these parts are pin-to-pin compatible with LTC2055CMS8.

    Regarding the effect on the digital output, I'm waititng for your comment…

  • RE: 看过来,射频放大器基础知识分享!


    AD8610(单通道)和AD8620(双通道)均为精度极高的JFET输入放大器,具有超低失调电压和漂移、极低输入电压和电流噪声、极低输入偏置电流和宽带宽等特性。与其它许多JFET放大器不同,AD8610的输入偏置电流在整个工作温度范围内都很低。AD8610能够以同相单位增益稳定驱动1000 pF以上的容性负载,在更高噪声增益时则可以轻松驱动更大的容性负载…

  • PLL Problems Occurring During Temperature Test (ADF4106)


    We used the ADF4106 to output 1950MHz.

    During the temperature test, when operating from room temperature to low temperature (+ 25 ° C -> -33 ° C, 2  ° C/min), the following phenomenon occurs.

    In the PSA spectrum, TRACE2 was MAX HOLD and it was…

  • RE: 偶然发现,大家都辣么爱AD8620!


    AD8610(单通道)和AD8620(双通道)均为精度极高的JFET输入放大器,具有超低失调电压和漂移、极低输入电压和电流噪声、极低输入偏置电流和宽带宽等特性。与其它许多JFET放大器不同,AD8610的输入偏置电流在整个工作温度范围内都很低。AD8610能够以同相单位增益稳定驱动1000 pF以上的容性负载,在更高噪声增益时则可以轻松驱动更大的容性负载。即使具有1 kΩ负载,AD8610的摆幅也能达到电源电压的1.2 V范围内…

  • RE: What is the Input Resistance of the OPA184?

    I've got the AD8610 in the circuit now, and it does well, as far as I've been able to evaluate it. Except that on the -5V input, there is a very noticeable 2-3% error. I think my input is too close to the rails.