• AD8610: Short circuit current - driving the AD7667

    Does the output buffer of AD8610 opamp has short current limitting circuits?
    What its characteristics?
    Can the AD8610 drive AD7667 ADC?


    AD8610 does have short circuit protection, limiting the current to typically
    65-100mA. The absolute…
  • What is the difference between AD8610AR and AD8610BR?


    what is the difference between two type numbers AD8610AR and AD8610BR?

    I couldn't find it in the data sheet.

    Thank you.

    Muharrem Kara

  • Over voltage protection input of AD8610?

    I fully understand Input overvoltage protection for the amplifier (page 16).


    Let us AD8610 , PS +- 16V, on + input serial protective resitor 100k.

    What maximum non destrucitve voltage on +input AD8610?

  • High Speed low noise Instrumentation Amplifier with Disable?

    Hello I need low noise high speed and high precise Instrumentation Amplifier, my first idea was any as

    Figure 68. in datasheet  The 3-op-amp instrumentation amplifiers AD8620+AD8610.

    Amplifier is used as differential amplifier with high resistance input…

  • RE: Ad8610 Spice model


    I rechecked the AD8610 spice model with the same schematic and simulation as your image above.

    I did not see the railing you describe in AD8610 when R14 is 1k or higher and  supply is +/-10.

    I'm attaching my LTspice files for your reference.

  • RE: AD8610 supply current

    Hi Bence,

    May I know what's is the source of your schematic, could you attach the ADIsimPLL please? There is only one thing I see that causes the issue, that is the CP pin of ADF410x is current out, 5 mADC max to be specific in the current configuration…

  • SPICE Model for AD8610 does not work

    I'm using the AD8610 in a simple buffer application. AD8627 and ADA4622 are working as expected but in the prototype i am bound to the AD8610. See the part of the simulation below.

    Followup: I tried also to eliminate R1, R2, C1 and C2, same resu…

  • AD8610 unused offset pins


    I want to take the AD8610. But I dont want to use the offset pins.

    Should I leave the pins open?

    And I want to connect the not connected pin with GND. I hope that I get more possibilities with the layout…
  • RE: ADF4106 Output not varying

    2.5V may be outside the input common mode range of the AD8610.  From the datasheet, with 10V supply difference (+ve rail - -ve rail) the input can go to within 3V of the -ve rail, and with 26V supply difference it can go to within 2.5V of the -ve rail…

  • Input Offset Voltage Adjustment AD8610?

    Hello ,

    I thing about nulling Input Offset Voltage using digital potenciometer.

    How calculate potenciometer value for nulling input offset AD8610?

    Or different way, how nulling Input Offset over nulling pin, with DAC?