• alternative to AD8608 op amp for active filter design - ADAU1701

    Hi all, 

    I've been looking to implement an active reconstruction filter on the DAC output of my custom ADAU1701 however the op-amp recommended in the datasheet  seems to be end of life and highly priced at the moment (at least via lcsc). Is anyone able…

  • AD8608: Input signal lower GND level violate absolute maximum ratings

    My AD8608 doesn't work as expected. My input signal is in range of +-5mV.


    Input signal lower GND level violate absolute maximum ratings. Input Voltage
    needs no be in range GND to VS. Stresses above those listed under Absolute
  • How flicker noise can be calculated on AD8608 for low frequency applications


    How can flicker noise be calculated on AD8608 for low frequency applications? 


    among the features I found this:

    The Peak-to-Peak Noise voice for frequencies…

  • RE: AD8608 driving 600 Ohm Impedance line through isolation transformer

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  • AD8605 AD8608的外围电路该如何设计(光电二极管前置放大器)

    想使用AD8605 ad8608 进行光电光电二极管前置放大器的设计 它的外围电路该如何设计 比如 Cf Rf 还有输出端滤波等等 有没有相关的参考设计和说明文档 谢谢

  • Adau1701 dac output passive vs active.

    Hi guys,

    I'm not sure which type of adau1701 output I should use (Passive vs Active), what are the advantages of one over the other, not to mention the cost?

    When using AD8608 or another operational amplifier...
       a) Is there any gain in quality?

  • RE: Operational Amplifier for a sensor with picoAmps signal.

    Hi Fyle,

    I found some amplifiers that may interest you. You may check them as a start (see datasheet links below): 
    AD8608 , LTC6087, and LTC6240 .
    You may also want to check this circuit as reference: CN0350 .

    I hope these will help you on your circuit design.

  • RE: DAQ-CN0350 Solution Input Charge


    Your computation for C2 and the system error is correct. The system error arises from multiple sources such as temperature drift of the resistors and voltage reference; and offset drifts from the AD8608.



  • ADC Selection, Circuit Note CN-0254 opamp selection

    We are working on the design of data acquisition system.
    Specifications are:
    1. ADC Resolution: 16bit (minimum 14bit)

    2.Number of analog input channel 4 ch. (single ended 4ch., differential 2ch.)
    3.. Input Range -10V to +10V, 0 to +5V.
    4. Limit frequency…