• AD8608: Input signal lower GND level violate absolute maximum ratings

    My AD8608 doesn't work as expected. My input signal is in range of +-5mV.


    Input signal lower GND level violate absolute maximum ratings. Input Voltage
    needs no be in range GND to VS. Stresses above those listed under Absolute
  • AD8608 driving 600 Ohm Impedance line through isolation transformer

    I have searched the internet for hours upon hours to find answers to my questions with no luck... Below are 2 circuits that are a part of a project I am working on.... These are the interface circuits between my system and a balanced signal TDM box with…

  • How flicker noise can be calculated on AD8608 for low frequency applications


    How can flicker noise be calculated on AD8608 for low frequency applications? 


    among the features I found this:

    The Peak-to-Peak Noise voice for frequencies…

  • AD8605 AD8608的外围电路该如何设计(光电二极管前置放大器)

    想使用AD8605 ad8608 进行光电光电二极管前置放大器的设计 它的外围电路该如何设计 比如 Cf Rf 还有输出端滤波等等 有没有相关的参考设计和说明文档 谢谢

  • RE: ad823an 4OPAMP single package

    Some suggestions:





    I'm assuming you meant TSSOP14

  • RE: Audio project - 2D speaker array and mic array

    Hi Jerad,

    Why do we have AD8608 opamp on ADAU1446 evaluation board? Can these act as preamp for microphone?


  • RE: CN0350 for Piezo strain

    The CN0350 use 4 AD8608, so the  Power dissipation=4*3.3V*1.2mA=15.84mW. 

    Am right? 

    And does any tool can calculate the Power dissipation  of the entire system?






  • RE: DAQ-CN0350 Solution Input Charge


    Your computation for C2 and the system error is correct. The system error arises from multiple sources such as temperature drift of the resistors and voltage reference; and offset drifts from the AD8608.



  • RE: Dual-Axis Tilt Sensor with ADXL203

    ok thank you so much! last thing If I had to use a quad-opamp AD8608 to perform the translation of the level from 5V to 3.3V how to estimate the flicker noise since the application is at low frequency? the datasheet tells me to consider it.

  • AD7689-CN0254中模拟前端设计在调试中的问题