• RE: AD8541 AD8542 AD8544 noise (low frequency)

    I was thinking about AD8539, but AD8607 also looks good. I will take this op-amp for RLD circuit.

    Thank you Harry!

  • 最爱ADI放大器-AD8607




    1. 低失调,低温漂

    2. 单位增益稳定(可用于跟随器)

    3. 输入输出都能轨对轨,R-R Input,R-R Output

    4. 功耗低,但输出驱动能力还强

    5. 低压,单电源(现在这可能不算优势了…

  • Max Input Current

    I am using the AD8607, and occasionally there is a 6mA current fllowing into the input pins. Is this going to pose a problem? I can’t find any information on the maximum input current limit on the data sheet.

  • RE: Using The ADA4177-2 as a buffer, outputs don't exactly follow inputs

    I'm surprised it is doing anything. 

    --  You need at least 5V across the part to wake it up

    --  It is not RR input;  you need to stay at least 1.5V away from either rail.

    Try an ADA4084-2 or an ADA4528-2

    For the LMC662,, you could also look at:


  • RE: 分享您最中意的ADI资料,赢跨年好礼

  • AD8232's IAOUT has some random noise

    I bought AD8232 EVAL and checked ECG signal under the following configuration.


    3 electrode connection

    DC leads off detection

    FR disable

    During measuring ECG signal on IAOUT and OP AMP OUT, there are random noise on both signals…

  • RE: Need help with common mode noise

    Hi Fausto Bartra,

    Based on the details you have mentioned, I suspect you're experiencing 1/f noise since your bandwidth is very small. You can try to look at amplifiers with lower 1/f noise if AD8607's 1/f noise performance is significant compared to…

  • AD8307: What is the input impedance of AD8307?

    What is the input impedance of AD8307?


    We don't specify the input impedence directly, but as it is an input to an
    operational Amplifier, its in the Mohm range. More significant is the input
    bias current which for the AD8607 ( for…
  • RE: AD822 (A), looking for modern version for this


      AD822 came out in 1993, close enough to 1995.....

    Our IEEE subscription only covers in house use, so I can't send it to you, but the part was written

    up  by Close and Santos.

      Without knowing your highest signal frequency, source impedance…

  • ADI运算放大器选型指南