• AD8606 Bode Plot

    AD8606 supposed to be single-supply operation: 2.7 V to 5.5 V.

    However the Bode plot seems to be wrong in single supply operation but looks fine with dual supply operation:

    I read through the Q&A for AD8605 and AD8606 for similar questions but I couldn…

  • AD8606: Input voltages exceeding supply rails

    Can the AD8606 have a negative input voltage?


    The AD8606 has ESD didoes to the supplies. However, in case of input
    overvoltage, it is recommended to include series resistor (page 16 of data
    sheet) to limit the current to less than…
  • AD8606 Stability with feedback resistor in Voltage Follower

    AD8606 datasheet recommended to place a resistor up to 10kOhm at the input as overvoltage protection without causing significant error voltage due to very low input bias current:

    Would it cause any instability issue if let's say I place another 10kOhm…

  • AD8606 LtSpice


    I am working on the AD5933 Impedance Converter Module but specifically testing the AD8606 portion of the Module board. To test the AD8606 amplifier portion(the part that is circled in red), I input 0.2 Volt AC and the output shows up as ~234mV…

  • AD8606 IC purchase

    Currently This IC is out of stock.  Any idea how to approach now ? I need this IC for my work

  • AD8606 - inverting amplifier not working


    I am using both the Opamps of AD8606ARZ. One is configured as non-inverting unity gain amplifier, while the other is inverting amplifier. However the output is not as expected - not even in LTSpice simulation. Can you please check what wrong I am…

  • AD8606 About Amplifier and Fiter

    AD8086 same as the figure,why use a 120pF capacitance and resistance in series parallel?Fiter or Offset?

    and can you tell me  the reason why  not use a resistance in -INA pin?? how it going on??

  • AD8606 -- Meaning of noise density plots?

    I am investigating the 1/f noise behavior of the AD8606.  Please look at figures 28 -- 30 in the datasheet, which show the voltage noise density (nV/rtHz) vs. frequency.  There are three plots, each covers a different frequency range.  Otherwise, the plots…

  • RE: AD8606 SPICE model problem

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