• AD8606 SPICE model problem

    I want to use AD8606 in my LPF design. After downloading SPICE model from AD and running tests I realised that gain if fairly low. Then I made this simple test and got those -38dB. Is the model incorrect or I missed something about this op amp?

  • AD8606 output current

    I have some questions about AD8606 output current.

    There is a spec " output current".

    What's the definition of this ouput current?What would happen if it's exceeded?

    And one more thing,

    the output current is ±80mA at 5V supply and…

  • AD8606 inductive load - nonlinearity problem


    I am using AD8606 in system with AD5933 for complex impedance measurement. I have posted this issue on DDS section but after discussion they told me to post here. here is my previous topic


    So the problem…

  • AD8606 - inverting amplifier not working


    I am using both the Opamps of AD8606ARZ. One is configured as non-inverting unity gain amplifier, while the other is inverting amplifier. However the output is not as expected - not even in LTSpice simulation. Can you please check what wrong I am…

  • AD5933 + AD8606 Nonlinearity problem


    I developed system for complex impedance measurement based on CN-217 and I have non linearity problem in inductance measurement. What is maximum reactance which can be attached as load on AD8606 or there is problem with AD5933 in "pure inductive…

  • AD8606: Input voltages exceeding supply rails

    Can the AD8606 have a negative input voltage?


    The AD8606 has ESD didoes to the supplies. However, in case of input
    overvoltage, it is recommended to include series resistor (page 16 of data
    sheet) to limit the current to less than…
  • AD8606 -- Meaning of noise density plots?

    I am investigating the 1/f noise behavior of the AD8606.  Please look at figures 28 -- 30 in the datasheet, which show the voltage noise density (nV/rtHz) vs. frequency.  There are three plots, each covers a different frequency range.  Otherwise, the plots…

  • AD8606 About Amplifier and Fiter

    AD8086 same as the figure,why use a 120pF capacitance and resistance in series parallel?Fiter or Offset?

    and can you tell me  the reason why  not use a resistance in -INA pin?? how it going on??

  • AD8606 bias vs. Input Common Mode


    Could you please provide the AD8606 bias current vs. the common mode for 5V?

    For example, here's figure 11 from the AD823A specs:

    Thanks for your help,

    Keep making these excellent OPAMPs!


  • AD5934 - Problem in a simple buffer AD8606


    Currently I am studying on piezoelectric and using AD5934 to measure the impedance of Piezo disk.

    We have create a simple circuit for AD5934 to measure the impedance of Piezo disk and is working. However, we compare with the result from the commercial…