• RE: AD8606 inductive load - nonlinearity problem

    Hi Walecki,

    I thought Zunknown is connected to Z_CON-1 and Z_CON-2 pins. Is it necessary that the Zunknown is an inductor? Can you try using a capacitor as a load for AD8606, since AD8606 can drive a capacitive load, see page 17 of AD8606 datasheet.…

  • RE: AD8606 - inverting amplifier not working

    AD8606 can't drive 200 ohms.  Try 10k/20k


  • RE: AD7091R outputting incorrect values.

    Hi Karen,

    I have checked the voltages levels out of the AD8606 and they look fine. At -10V input the output of the AD8606 is 0v, at 0V input the output is about 1.2 V and with a input of +10v the output is about 2.4 V which seems the match the data sheet…

  • AD8606: Input voltages exceeding supply rails

    Can the AD8606 have a negative input voltage?


    The AD8606 has ESD didoes to the supplies. However, in case of input
    overvoltage, it is recommended to include series resistor (page 16 of data
    sheet) to limit the current to less than…
  • RE: AD5933 invalid and inaccurate measures


    Ok... the problem my be due to parasitic...

    Let do one thing,

    Generate a frequency, and do not stop (stand-by) or increment the frequency.. so teh AD5933 generate continuously this frequency.

    Check the signal generated after the first opamp AD8606…

  • RE: Symmetry problem using AD8606ACBZ

    Short update: I modified the circuit to use a total of four AD8605ACBZ, keeping the layout as close as possible to the AD8606 layout and it works perfectly well.

    May it be that there is a problem with the batch of AD8606 i have here on my desk? I tried…

  • Noise analysis

    Hi there,


    I just started using ADISIMPE recently and I have a question about noise analysis.

    I tried to check output/input noise of the amp circuit.

    But the result of the graph is pretty wired.

    The output noise is much smaller than input noise…

  • RE: Can I connect 4 wire conductivity cell and RTD to CN0349 ?

        hi Thomas: the analog signal chain of CN0349 is: AD5934 Vout -> AD8606 buffer -> sensor -> AD8606 I-V convert -> AD5934 Vin.

        For the 4 electrodes conductivity sensor, the general usage is to apply the excitation current on the outer electrodes…

  • AD8606 About Amplifier and Fiter

    AD8086 same as the figure,why use a 120pF capacitance and resistance in series parallel?Fiter or Offset?

    and can you tell me  the reason why  not use a resistance in -INA pin?? how it going on??