• AD8605 Howland Current Source unstable for bioimpedance


    I have build an impedance plethysmography sensor using the AD5933. Furtrhermore i used an AFE for four wire measurement. The Vout pin from AD5933 controls the Howland Current Source with AD8605.

    Rgain=2k & R=12k ; Vcc=+3v3; i_out=1mA; f=10-1…

  • About AD8605 Offset Voltage Temperature dependence Condition

    I have Qustion about AD8605 Offset Voltage Temperature dependence Condition.

    The detasheet P4 say 

    Offset Voltage
    VOS : −40°C < TA < +125°C MAX 750 μV

    The condition is only Vcm=Vs/2 or Vcm 0 to 5V ?

  • AD8605 application for -25℃, 25℃ and 75℃


    Now we use AD8065 from a project. please to help to deal with this issue. Thanks a lot.

    In the table as below, when AD8065 output current is 0mA, 3mA, 6mA, 9.1mA and 11.3mA, what value are output voltage Swing at -25, 25 and 75?   the schematic…

  • how to test the AD8605 as TIA (I to V) design using current source?


    I am trying to test the Trans-impedance amplifier design using AD8605 for the photo-diode application circuit.

    currently i am using an NI 9265 module to generate current source up to 20mA in my setup 

    below is my circuit:


    when i try to set the…

  • Can I use AD8605 with -3.3V: connect ground to V- and -3.3V to V+ to get negative outputs?

    I want to use it to have a negative voltage for the EAM bias voltage.

  • 我用AD8605运放可是放大倍数跟我计算不一样。


  • AD8605 AD8608的外围电路该如何设计(光电二极管前置放大器)

    想使用AD8605 ad8608 进行光电光电二极管前置放大器的设计 它的外围电路该如何设计 比如 Cf Rf 还有输出端滤波等等 有没有相关的参考设计和说明文档 谢谢

  • 请问使用AD8605轨到轨放大器时,如下互阻放大器电路能否正常工作?


  • RE: D类功放器件推荐


  • RE: AD7656 V_REF Buffer

    Hi Amnon,

           You may check the AD8605 if it fits your latest application. Please refer link for the AD8605 datasheet.