• AD8605 performances at -55°C


    I am using this amplifier to create constant current source by driving a MOSFET.

    The package is SOT-23.

    The amplifier is 5V-supplied.

    I know that operationnal range of AD8605 is -40°C/+125°C but I plan to use this op amp at -55°C, and I don't…

  • AD8605如何用于protelDXP 2004


  • MAX4475 alternative

    At the moment we are using an opamp from Maxim for all our amplifier design
    (MAX4475). But the MAX4475 is not an input rail-to-rail opamp so we are
    searching for a new opamp for our futures designs.

    What we need is a low noise, low…
  • AD8605 AD8608的外围电路该如何设计(光电二极管前置放大器)

    想使用AD8605 ad8608 进行光电光电二极管前置放大器的设计 它的外围电路该如何设计 比如 Cf Rf 还有输出端滤波等等 有没有相关的参考设计和说明文档 谢谢

  • RE: Unstable, voltage reference of AD7682/AD7689

    Hello Richie,

    now you are using AD8605 opamp, which can, according to the datasheet, handle the 4.096V input voltage.

    I am curious if you are still observing problems.



  • RE: Question on using internal reference of AD7682

    Hi, Richie.

    The bandgap voltage is stable. And as you have noted, it can be used as a source with a suitable buffer such as the AD8605 and AD8031 since the current output of REFIN is limited.



  • RE: about AC and DC measurements with ADuCM350


    Unfortunately not. We have not validated this on the bench to date so you will need to test it out using the evaluation board - altho we have used the AD8605 in a similar application in the loop and it worked well.


  • AD8605 schematic with ICS-40300 questions?

    Dear All,

    The project is for acquiring heart sound device with MCU ADC. The input frequency range are from 20Hz to 2KHz.

    For lower frequency performance, a high SPL analog microphone is selected. We also saw some documents about microphone preamp circuit…

  • AD8605 application for -25℃, 25℃ and 75℃


    Now we use AD8065 from a project. please to help to deal with this issue. Thanks a lot.

    In the table as below, when AD8065 output current is 0mA, 3mA, 6mA, 9.1mA and 11.3mA, what value are output voltage Swing at -25, 25 and 75?   the schematic…

  • About AD8605 Offset Voltage Temperature dependence Condition

    I have Qustion about AD8605 Offset Voltage Temperature dependence Condition.

    The detasheet P4 say 

    Offset Voltage
    VOS : −40°C < TA < +125°C MAX 750 μV

    The condition is only Vcm=Vs/2 or Vcm 0 to 5V ?