• AD8605

    Hello, is AD8605 a current-feedback op amp? I couldn't find this information on data sheet.

    Thank you.

  • AD8605

    Can this be used as a comparator? and how? Thanks

  • AD8605 input protection


    Does the AD8605 have a protection against voltages below 0V ?

    I can see in the datasheet (p 16) that there is a protection against overvoltage. It says that if the voltage is 0.5V higher than Vcc supply, a current limiting resistor should be added…

  • AD8605 EMI immunity

    The system might be affect by strong EMI.

    Depending on the test of 120MHz 1dBm, AD8605 output is wrong.

    Of course the customer takes case about pattern layout. they put 1Mohm resistor near the pin.

    But the issue is not cleared.

    Can the customer put…

  • Unexpected AD8605 filter behavior in LTspice

    I'm using LTspice to simulate a LPF using the AD8605. I'm expecting this circuit to attenuate high frequency signals but the output I'm getting is attenuation at any frequency, more so at low frequencies. As a sanity check I've made sure I have…

  • AD8605 performances at -55°C


    I am using this amplifier to create constant current source by driving a MOSFET.

    The package is SOT-23.

    The amplifier is 5V-supplied.

    I know that operationnal range of AD8605 is -40°C/+125°C but I plan to use this op amp at -55°C, and I don't…

  • AD8605 的供电问题

    为什么AD8605  AD8606 的datasheet 上写的是单电源供地 (2.7V~5.5V),但是 ADI 的 应用笔记(CN0272)上AD8605的供地确实±5V呢?? 到底是是单电源供地还是双电源供电???双电源供电不会坏掉吗??

  • AD8605 4 level filter can't work

    Hello, I design a 4 level filter in accordance with the online design wizard of ADI, as follows, but, it finds that the second level is output 0V. Why?  how to adjust and test?


    Single power supply 4V;

    VREF = 2V;

    The first stage output 5mV…

  • AD8605 schematic with ICS-40300 questions?

    Dear All,

    The project is for acquiring heart sound device with MCU ADC. The input frequency range are from 20Hz to 2KHz.

    For lower frequency performance, a high SPL analog microphone is selected. We also saw some documents about microphone preamp circuit…

  • AD8605如何用于protelDXP 2004