• AD8604

    Hello everyone,

    can I use the AD8604 in an environment with two power supplies? E.g. -3V3 and +3V3?

    Thanks in advance

  • Power dissipation data for "AD8604" and "AD8601" required


    We are using the parts "AD8604ARZ-REEL7" and "AD8601WDRTZ-REEL7" in our design. We are calculating their power dissipation for Thermal analysis.We could not able to find the data in the datasheet.Kindly help us with their power dissipation…

  • RE: How to treat unsed pins about AD8604

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  • RE: using AD8604  below -40°C

    Hello Anselm, 

    I will check with our experts whether data is available for the AD8604 at -55degC. Most likely it is not though, and we cannot guarantee operation at that temperature. We do have a couple of quad amplifiers that have been qualified down…

  • Unexpected AD8605 filter behavior in LTspice

    I'm using LTspice to simulate a LPF using the AD8605. I'm expecting this circuit to attenuate high frequency signals but the output I'm getting is attenuation at any frequency, more so at low frequencies. As a sanity check I've made sure I have…

  • RE: ad823an 4OPAMP single package

    Some suggestions:





    I'm assuming you meant TSSOP14

  • RE: AD8618 supply decoupling


    Many thanks for your reply. At the moment we plan to build 4 of these boards. We might order one first and test the overshoot and oscillatory behaviour as you suggest. In any case, how could this behaviour be lessened?

    Regarding the GBP, should…

  • 关于ADI新型配电自动化解决方案,您应该知道的二三事。。。。。

    关于ADI新型配电自动化解决方案,您应该知道的二三事。。。。。 by ADI_Amy


  • RE: 关于ADI新型配电自动化解决方案,您应该知道的二三事。。。。。



    ADSP-CM40X 系列处理器芯片是 ADI公司最新推出的基于 ARM Cortex M4 内核的产品。该产品处理器主频高达 240Mhz,集成了高性能的 16bits ADC,谐波分析引擎(HAE)以及丰富的内存及外部接口资源,十分适合于中低压的继电保护产品及配电自动化终端、电机伺服驱动控制等应用。

    本参考设计有助于用户评估 ADSP-CM40x的功能和性能,快速开发以 ADSP-CM40x 为核心的配电自动化终端…

  • Understanding the datasheet

    Hi, I am having little trouble understanding the datasheet for AD8602.

    On page 3, table 1, Input Offset Voltage(AD8601/AD8602) is 80uV for 0<VCM<1.3V. But 3 lines below, it says VOS is 350uV for 0<VCM<3V.

    Does that mean Vos is typically…