• AD8604

    Hello everyone,

    can I use the AD8604 in an environment with two power supplies? E.g. -3V3 and +3V3?

    Thanks in advance

  • using AD8604  below -40°C

    Hi, im using this OPAMP now for a long time and feel very well with the quality.
    Now in have to use my special ciruit on temperatures up to -55°C/+55°C

    I know, this OPAMP works well (ive tested up to -60°C),

    but my request is for usage up to -55°C on…

  • How to treat unsed pins about AD8604

    Hi there.

    I have a question about AD8604.


    Please tell me how unused pins are treated.
    Is the following treatment fine?

    +IND: GND
    -IND: GND
    Vout: OPEN

    I checked the datasheet…

  • Power dissipation data for "AD8604" and "AD8601" required


    We are using the parts "AD8604ARZ-REEL7" and "AD8601WDRTZ-REEL7" in our design. We are calculating their power dissipation for Thermal analysis.We could not able to find the data in the datasheet.Kindly help us with their power dissipation…

  • RE: ad823an 4OPAMP single package

    Some suggestions:





    I'm assuming you meant TSSOP14

  • RE: AD8618 supply decoupling


    Many thanks for your reply. At the moment we plan to build 4 of these boards. We might order one first and test the overshoot and oscillatory behaviour as you suggest. In any case, how could this behaviour be lessened?

    Regarding the GBP, should…

  • Unexpected AD8605 filter behavior in LTspice

    I'm using LTspice to simulate a LPF using the AD8605. I'm expecting this circuit to attenuate high frequency signals but the output I'm getting is attenuation at any frequency, more so at low frequencies. As a sanity check I've made sure I have…

  • RE: 关于ADI新型配电自动化解决方案,您应该知道的二三事。。。。。



    ADSP-CM40X 系列处理器芯片是 ADI公司最新推出的基于 ARM Cortex M4 内核的产品。该产品处理器主频高达 240Mhz,集成了高性能的 16bits ADC,谐波分析引擎(HAE)以及丰富的内存及外部接口资源,十分适合于中低压的继电保护产品及配电自动化终端、电机伺服驱动控制等应用。

    本参考设计有助于用户评估 ADSP-CM40x的功能和性能,快速开发以 ADSP-CM40x 为核心的配电自动化终端…

  • RE: Driving analog data convertor AD7823 with an op-amp

    Hello Eyal,

    On the question of using a single-ended vs. a differential-output amplifier, it generally depends on the level of precision you are trying to obtain. Since the AD7823 is an 8-bit ADC, it's LSB size with a  1.2V reference, one-half of…

  • 太阳能光伏逆变器解决方案,实现再生能源高效管理



    1. 降低1美金每瓦的系统成本
    2. 提高电网兼容能力
    3. 通过磁性和无源元件小型化减小重量/尺寸
    4. 更高可靠性和更长使用寿命
    5. 通过直流电弧检测消除火灾
    6. 最大程度…