• AD8603电源供电问题




  • OpAmp like AD8603 but better


    I need an operational amplifier with input parameters like the AD8603, rail-to-rail input and output, powered from 3 V (better from 2.7V). Preferably if it will be in SOT-23 package.

    But it is necessary that when the output current is 30 mA, it can…

  • Does the AD8603 Need to Add EDS Protection

    Dear team,
    I want to use ADI's PH solution CN0326. I saw a piece of information about adding EDS protection to the input path of the AD8603. I don't know if this information is correct or necessary. If so, what is the principle it adopts? Please under…


    Hey there, good morning ... say I am using the AD8603 op amp with an EACLSST3227A1 green color light sensor.  Yes, it works, when light hits the sensor, the output goes high.  Here is the problem, I want to use this setup outside in bright sunlight.  I only…

  • AD8603 operation with Common mode=0V

    We have single supply. Need to amplify a negative signal from a low-side shunt. It looks like this

    Would AD8603 be a valid choice? We have very relaxed speed specs and accuracy is not incredibly important. The common mode is down to -0.3V so AD8603…

  • What is ADG702 used for?

    What is ADG702 used for?


    The ADG702 is used for both RTD and thermocouple measurement.

    When processing the signal from RTD, the ADG702 would open to break the
    internal loop of AD8603. The AD8603 RTD would generate a current source to

  • 请教较少缓冲高阻输入端泄露如何实现



  • LTC2050/1 and LTC2054/5 max. current on input pins


    could you provide information about maximum current on input pins of subject opamps? Or the rule "5mA" can be considered here as good practice?  

    Something like it is provided for the part AD8603/7/9  in the data sheet, page 12, chapter INPUT…

  • AD8541: Input current limit

    I don't find any statement about the input protection of the AD8541/2/4 opamp,
    but in the datasheet of the AD8603 it is mentioned that the
    inputs should be protected by resistors that keep input currents below 5 mA if
    the input voltage…
  • RE: Voltage-controlled current source

    Just to report you that I think I found the issue in my schematic. It seems I can't use AD8603 buffer because its supply voltage is up to 5.5V. With 5Kohm load resistance and 2.5mA load current, I go beyond 5.5V. 

    Consequently, the solution for the…