My customers are considering AD 8602.
    So I got a question.

    Is a protective diode etc. in the Input & output stage of the AD8602?
    If voltage is applied to Input when power supply is not being applied to the AD8602,

    I am concerned about whether the…

  • AD8602 Offset voltage variation


    My customers are considering using the AD8602.
    So I got a question.

    They applied 2.0 V to the differential input pin and kept operating at 75 ° C for a long time.

    (experimenting with the circuit below.
    Connect a 6.8 kΩ resistor to GND and operate…

  • AD8602, Slew Rate data


    Regarding to Slew Rate data which is shown in datasheet, is 5.2V/us typical when Vs=3V, and 6V/us at Vs=5V. However we feel it may be slightly higher than these value. Could you please provide Slew Rate distribution data, like Figure 5. for Input…

  • Understanding the datasheet

    Hi, I am having little trouble understanding the datasheet for AD8602.

    On page 3, table 1, Input Offset Voltage(AD8601/AD8602) is 80uV for 0<VCM<1.3V. But 3 lines below, it says VOS is 350uV for 0<VCM<3V.

    Does that mean Vos is typically…

  • How to simulate PD signal?


    I want to simulate a Photodiode signal amplification circuit with AD8602. How can I simulate fast pulse signal from PIN-photodiode?

    Thanks in advance.

  • AD8602, D-Grade parts Offset Voltage Distribution.


    We can see Figure 5. and 6. Input Offset Voltage Distribution in AD8602 datasheet page.5. It seems these data is from A-Grade parts by looking at x-axes value. Could you provide equivalents of D-Grade parts ?

    Best Regards,

  • AD8602能做比较器用吗?它的输入级带钳位二极管吗


  • AD8602: Difference between AR and DR suffix

    What is the difference between OpAmp AD8602 with AR and DRsuffix?


    R refers to R-8 package option (8 ld SOIC). A and D refer to the device
    electrical/temperature grade. Devices are sorted into different grades of the
    same device at final…
  • AD8602_output stage

    In one of our application circuit, we are using Op amp AD8602D to drive a
    bidirectional inductive load, we would like to understand that the O/P stage is
    complementary pair, if so is there any free wheeling diode provided across the