• RE: Input capacitance (AD8601)

    Hello Sebastien,

    Common mode:

     I performed a rough measurement and got ~ 7pf . @ -3db  (117.3kHz)

    My pcb for the test circuit had a parasitic capacitance of 2.78pf and my probe has 3.9pf of capacitance. I subtracted these from the results of my measurement…

  • Power dissipation data for "AD8604" and "AD8601" required


    We are using the parts "AD8604ARZ-REEL7" and "AD8601WDRTZ-REEL7" in our design. We are calculating their power dissipation for Thermal analysis.We could not able to find the data in the datasheet.Kindly help us with their power dissipation…

  • RE: AD8601 Output current drive

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  • AD8601


  • AD8601 offset spec

    hi there,

    I have a question about offset spec on AD8601.

    I'm looking at Figure 5 and just wondering the following things.

    ・What's the VCM step size?

    ・How many samples are done on each VCM step?

    I often see fixed VCM condition like VCC/2 but…

  • AD8601 unity gain buffer

    I have applied a signal to the input of the AD8601 which is an exponential function(like discharging and charging waveforms of an RC filter). The signal oscillates between 1.5V and 3.5V @ 800kHz. The AD8601 is in differential configuration and the resistors…

  • RE: AD8603 Noise simulation

    Hi Paul,

    Not sure why your symbol is different. Are you using LTSpice XVII?


    * C:\temp\Noise AD8603.asc
    V§+3.3VA N001 0 3.3
    Vnoise N002 0 1.65 AC 1 0
    XU10 N002 Voutaux N001 0 Voutaux AD8601
    .noise V(Voutaux) Vnoise dec 100 300 5000
    .lib ADI…

  • 关于运放上电顺序问题


  • AGC problem on LTspice with AD8330 and LTC5507

    I'm trying to simulate an AGC circuit employing AD8330 as VGA, LTC5507 as power detector and AD8601 as a general OPA in the feedback loop, as in the attached schematic. I'm finding the same simulation problem that I had when I was testing the AD8330 VGA…

  • Understanding the datasheet

    Hi, I am having little trouble understanding the datasheet for AD8602.

    On page 3, table 1, Input Offset Voltage(AD8601/AD8602) is 80uV for 0<VCM<1.3V. But 3 lines below, it says VOS is 350uV for 0<VCM<3V.

    Does that mean Vos is typically…