• AD8591 Output Impedance - unpowered

    The AD8591 datasheet shows that the amplifier's output is high-impedance when in SHUTDOWN, but is it also high-impedance when unpowered?

  • about the threshold voltage of AD8591


    I think that I will use AD8591.

    Please let me know the threshold voltage of a shutdown inputs, when using at 3.3V.

    There is only a value of 2.7V and 5V in a data sheet.

    Best Regards,

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  • AD8591 Turn on time from shutdown


    I want to use the AD8591 with a PWM signal on the shutdown pin, what is the delay from deactivating shutdown to stable output using 5V rail?

  • RE: AD8591_Single-supply operation and shutdown fuction.

    Hi Josh,

    1. Can I know what application are you using AD8591 and why you want to use V+ : 0V, V- : -5V?

    It is possible to use the supplies that you mentioned as long as the difference between the V+ and V- is from 2.5V to 6V.

    2. AD8591 is a CMOS amplifier…

  • RE: Preamplifier (impedance matching) for EVAL-AD7357EDZ

    Thank you very much Emmanuel for your answer.

    Actually I was thinking not to modify something on the existing EVAL-AD7357EDZ but to have the appropriate evaluation board additionally which will play the role of a pre-amplifier. Do you think that this…

  • RE: Suitable Amplifier to operate relay

    Hi Skup,

    Thank you for considering ADI products for your applications You can use these amplifiers to drive your relays: AD8591AD8531 and  AD8000.Make sure to adjust the supply voltage of the amplifier to compensate for the output headroom of the device…

  • RE: Two AD5116 + One SSM2306

    Hi Musach,

    So do you mean to replace the SSM2306 with other op-amp?

    I still prefer to use SSM2306 as it proves to be a good class-D audio amp for me. Any other way to use the AD5116 with SSM2306?

    By the way, to use one set of buttons to control two…

  • RE: AD8597


    Good day. Thank you for your interest in using ADI Parts. In AD8597, it looks like the short circuit current was not included in the model, but the data specified on the data sheet is the correct current value. If you are looking for a device that…

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