• RE: Nano-microvolt amplifier  + filters


      The AD8571 is a first generation zero-drift amp with high flatband noise.

    Use an ADA4528-1 instead.


  • 最爱ADI运放之AD8571


    AD8571:超低失调电压运算放大器, 使用这个运行主要因为两点:

    • 超低的失调电压,1uV,什么概念,就是一点点热电偶效应你都要考虑一下,不然你就浪费了AD8571的正能量了。用来测量1A电流时,只需要串个0.01R的电阻就能非常精确的使ADC达到80DB的动态范围。
    • 超低的偏置电流,当你要测试10nA的电流时,你就会知道这个是有多重要了。
    • 极高的CMRR,这在检测差动信号时,精度就靠他了,如PT100的铂电阻温度测量、小信号传感器测量等…
  • RE: 想找一个偏置电流和偏置电压都小的运放,求推荐

    可以考虑一下 AD8554 AD8551 AD8572 AD8571


    如果要求offset 小,推荐ADA4528-1/-2

  • RE: 求推荐低温度系数运放和电压源芯片

    对于运放来讲,您可以选择我们zero drift,例如AD8538、AD8551、AD8571。关于参考,您也可以选择温漂较小的产品,例如:AD688/AD588、AD598/ADR4520等。

  • RE: Piezoelectric sensor preamplifier

    Straight forward voltage amplification seems the obvious choice unless there are constraints you haven't mentioned. You are looking for a gain of 1000 at 40Hz, so a single stage amplifier can do the job provided it has a GBW of at least 400kHz. If you…

  • AD8628: Signal sourcing

    Reading the 8628 data sheet I don't see the simplified block diagram of the
    amplifier. The question is the following: when looking to the signal source
    trough AD8628 is that mean that 8628 connected to the signal source only half
  • RE: Current source "without" temp drift

    This is going to be very challenging. If you use a reasonably large value resistor, e.g. 0.2 ohms (200 milliohms) then you will drop 100 mV across it. This means your sense amplifier must have a drift of less than 0.1uV. Opamps like the AD8628, TLC2652…

  • RE: Wide Dynamic Range Current Sensing

    Hi Analog XPRT,

    I was kind of expecting that you will be the one to reply first.


    I am studying the CNs mentioned.CN0116 might be the closest for my application

    Meanwhile I have few doubts:

    1. There is an eternal doubt in my mind : Whether…
  • [征文] IN118的基准源用AD的芯片,上面写着D6B,困饶我很久了 AD5312