• AD8564: input voltage


    I have some questions about the absolute maximum rating of AD8564.

    In the datasheet of AD8564, there is the following descriptions.

    An analog power supply voltage describes 14V.

    The input voltage describes ±7V.

    Is the input voltage ±7V related…

  • the voltage range of AD8564

    Hi Sir,

    I want to make sure the power voltage range of AD8564 and the input voltage range of AD8564,  the range of VANA+ and VANA-, VDIG, for now I use VANA+=12V, VANA=0V, VDIG=3.3V, but seems my AD8564 cannot work, is there something wrong of my conguration…

  • VDIG of AD8564


    I have my AD8564 set up with Vana+ = 8V, Vana- = -5V, and Vdig = 3.3V. With that set up, what is the voltage level of AD8564 outputs? Will the outputs have 3.3V logic level? The datasheet does not show Vdig = 3.3V.


  • RE: AD8564 SPICE model

    Hi CXG,

    The model is a mere representation of the actual device, the AD8564 model was done to simulate basic comparator function without the flexibility on the input and output supply. Using the AD8564 in you application circuit, you will have the advantage…

  • AD8564:Specification


    I have some questions about AD8564.


    Can this IC use an analog power-supply voltage for an actual operation voltage by the maximum rating of V+ANA=14V and V-ANA=0V?


    When using it with V+ANA=12V, can V+dig of this IC be used by +12V…

  • RE: AD8564 Output transition

    Dear Harryh

    I recommended that add of Pull up or Pull down into comparator input will be helpful for up-predictable behaviour at the comparator output node. But unfortunately my customer cannot adopt it because she cannot get the desired output.


  • AD8564 line receiver Comparator


    I need a ultrafast comparator for an audio design. It must run on single 3.3V or 5V input supply voltage and 3.3V output voltage(TTL output).

    The differential input voltage must be -7 to +7

    And the Common mode Voltage range must be 0 to 12V…

  • AD8564: I/P common mode range

    I want to use the fast Comparator AD8564 for my Design. In the datasheet is the
    parameter Vcm  declared. The Voltage Range is limited to +2.75V. But the
    absolute maximum range of the anlaog input channel is much higher (+/-7V).
    Has the…
  • ADI技术人员您好,关于AD8564



  • AD8564电压范围



    AD8654 的电压范围时多大,即VANA+ ,VANA-,VDIG工作的范围, 我现在的连接方法是VANA+=12V,VANA-=0V,VDIG=3.3V,但是貌似AD8564不能工作。