• RE: Using AD8561 for 100kHz or higher frequency Sine to Square Wave Conversion (zero crossing detector)

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  • 用AD8561对输入尖峰脉冲整形输出波形异常问题求解?


  • AD8561比较器的问题


  • How can i improve the rising time and falling time of AD8561?

    My aim is that the input varies between 0 to 5 volts with 500 Hz (like amplified and rectified EMG signal) and the reference is for example is 2 volt. If the input is bigger than referance the output must be 5V, for the opposite status the output must…

  • RE: Can i use +7v supply for AD8561 to generate +5v output with 8ma load?

    Hi Arpit,

    Can you clarify whether your question is on the AD8561 (as in the title) or AD584?

    With regard to the AD584, based on the datasheet, yes, you do need 2.5V headroom from output to supply.



  • AD8611: Jitter add to the signal

    I am choosing a comparator for a clock recovery (frequency about 5...20 MHz); I
    liked the Analog Devices's AD8611 and AD8561 specifications, but I would really
    appreciate any information about the jitter additions I could expect if I

  • Input parameter measurement for a comparator

    How to measure he CMRR, offset current, bias current and offset voltage of AD8561 Comparator? Can you elaborate on the test circuits and test methods to test these parameters.?

  • RE: HMC704 input reference frequency

    Yes, I agree according to your equation if you have two choices with identical N multiples:

    1. 1MHz to 100MHz
    2. 10MHz to 1GHz

    Pick the lower frequency option, or in other words the lower Fpfd,  for best phase noise.

    For a given output frequency…

  • RE: Equivalent components for space application

    Hi nemislatmos,

    Our space-qualified products follow a standard naming configuration: partnameS. (e.g. AD8561 space-qualified equivalent is AD8561S)

    We do not have ADA8561 in our portfolio. Did you mean AD8561? As mentioned, the space-qualified equivalent…