• Comparator stability - AD8561 versus LT1711


    I've been using the ad8561 in the following circuit:

    IN- connected to OUT- via few resistors (hystersis of few tens of mV) around 0V.

    IN+ gets a sine wave signal with frequencies as low as 100Hz. When crossing the 0V point, the output toggles…

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  • Problems interfacing AD623 with AD8561 comparator.

    I ran into an issue when interfacing the AD623 with the AD8561 comparator.

    Pin 3 of the comparator (negative input) is 'feeding' or is biased at ~1.4V. This seems to cause problems with the AD623 driving the input of the comparator.

    The AD623…

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  • Comparator input noise voltage (density) - in AD8561 and similar

    I'm working with a mature high power Class D amplifier design, and am having some issues with noise generated in the naturally-sampled PWM modulator. This comprises a simple analog ramp generator (an op-amp based integrator, creating a roughly 150kHz…

  • AD8561 Spice.cir cannot work in HSPICE after changed the spice.cir as spice.sp.


    I need to SI simulations in HSpice with the AD8561 and download the spice.cir.  After changed the spice.cir to the spice.sp used in HPspice , errors happened, as figure.

    however, this spice.cir can work in PSpice Soffware normally, as figure.

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  • AD8561单+5V供电,方波输入,输出延时问题


  • How can i improve the rising time and falling time of AD8561?

    My aim is that the input varies between 0 to 5 volts with 500 Hz (like amplified and rectified EMG signal) and the reference is for example is 2 volt. If the input is bigger than referance the output must be 5V, for the opposite status the output must…

  • Using AD8561 for 100kHz or higher frequency Sine to Square Wave Conversion (zero crossing detector)

    Hi, I have a question about using AD8561 for 100kHz or higher frequency Sine to Square Wave Conversion.

    The comparator I'm using is AD8561 and the circuit diagram I set up on breadboard is

    Inline image 1

    And the response I get is as follows, with sine wave…